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  1. I personally think the original pots can be rebuilt with no problem. You just need to polish the brass contacts and clean them up with a dremmel. Get several very fine grit grinding stones for use in the dremmel. And when done put some dielectric grease on them to keep it from corroding again.
  2. Anyone know of a guy named Peter who worked for AR?
  3. I got good it this from rebuilding extremely old switches in antique fans that I collect. I have fans that are 130+ years old and they work great. Here is one I restored. An Emerson model 1510 from about 1909. The blade switch in the bottom has to have the contact points polished to make proper connection again. All I know is there isn't any brass that can not be re polished again even if it is pitted.
  4. Yes if you use a very fine grit grinding wheel with a dremmel you can polish off the pitting and get down to solid brass again.
  5. The pots should be salvageable. I literally just did this one on my AR 2A's. It was totally corroded. I cleaned it back down to shiny brass and then applied dielectric grease to keep it from happening again.
  6. Those where great thanks for posting them.
  7. Nice! And with the virus craziness you have time to do what you want to them.
  8. Very nice story. I bet that was a lot of fun. Growing up in Indiana on a farm I didn't see much as far as electronics go, But I really loved and still love music. I am basically a nube as far as these great speakers go. I happened across a pair of KLH Fives at an estate sale dirt cheap a few yeas back. After bringing them back to life I have been sold on anything Kloss made and these are just another prime example and sound GREAT!
  9. Well I took the other one apart and just kept going HeHe! I removed the pots and capacitors on it and got it up and running again. I must say it does sound REAL nice, Much better than the OLA's I have and definitely in the running with my KLH Fives. The capacitors are just fine. I couldn't see the value of the center one because they are glued together but they tested at 4.5 uf and 6.5 uf. Also did AR ever sell speakers to the military? Look at the stamp on the Capacitor. Well now I have to do the other one. I am real happy both covers came off real easy. Oh and thanks to all the help and info on removing the woofer (I got this one out). The pots where real corroded. I disassembled them and cleaned them with my Dumore grinder (Dermmel on steroids) and got them back to nice shiny brass inside and working fine. I will say I am very impressed with just how one sounds by it's self. I can't wait to hear the pair together!
  10. Cool. And looking at the wood it also looks to be sold to. I wonder if they did that a lot on earlier models?
  11. Also here is a pic of my KLH Fives and they are walnut. They look totally different than the light color of these AR 2A's.
  12. I don't think it is walnut. I have several pieces of walnut on hand and the grain of them is just not right. Here is a pic of one of my large walnut boards (Going to make a gun stock)
  13. So is this something you guys have seen before in AR cabinets? Definitely looks solid. Here is a couple more pics. One shows what looks to me to me a small knot in the wood and the other shows where someone stamped a number 3 in the solid panel. Of course the back is plywood.
  14. Here they are. Still looks like a solid board that has been veneered to me. I even wet the jointed area to show the grain a little better.
  15. Another question? It looks like my cabinets on these where made with solid wood that was veneered. It does not look like plywood. Did they make these using solid wood of some type and then veneer it? The first pic is one of mine and the second pic I pulled off ebay. You can see a definite deference.
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