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  1. DonT

    Are these AR speakers?

    I was looking at these today and they just didn't look 29 inches tall. Every time I looked at them they just seamed shorter. So i remeasured again and guess what they are only 20" tall lol
  2. DonT

    Are these AR speakers?

    Very nice!
  3. DonT

    Are these AR speakers?

    I pulled a woofer in one. Looks nice and has a cloth surround. Definitely not a acoustic suspension speaker. It has a very short in and out movement. The cone (Not including the surround) measured 7 1/2" and it measures 10 3/8" total
  4. DonT

    Are these AR speakers?

    They work fine right now and I can say the sound "Okay" So the only thing I can think of to make them sound better is a recap. Also I am comparing them to my KLH model Fives so that is not really fare ether lol. But you are correct about the large Alnico magnets, I got excited as well. Also you are correct about the removal of the mid and tweeter. After looking real hard the front grill cloth would need to be removed. I know this much I am not going to trash these, I like them to much 😀
  5. DonT

    Are these AR speakers?

    Yea they only have 2 caps in each so I might replace them and give them a listen. I got them so cheap it really doesn't matter. I still might spend the cash on some better drivers. For some reason I think they would sound great with KLH in them?
  6. I cannot open the original thread I started for some reason. Anyway I bought the speakers that I first posted about and no they are not AR. Just wanted to let people here to know what they are. XAM 2E 3 way speakers. I got them for $3.66 for the pair. They are 14" deep 15" wide and 29" tall and the veneer is real nice. I know these are not great speakers but I am thinking with some AR or KLH drivers and sealing the cabinets they could sound real nice?
  7. DonT

    Are these AR speakers?

    These are the only pics I have. The badge is similar to an AR badge but I can not really see it.
  8. DonT

    Are these AR speakers?

    Thanks. They don't really look like any AR speakers I have ever seen. I guess I will just have to go see what they are.
  9. These are coming up for sale close to me but I can not identify them. They have a small AR looking tag in the top left corner of each. These are the only pics I have. Thanks
  10. DonT

    KLH Model Twenty Four speakers I got today

    Thanks for the info. I was planning to use them in the back. They where very cheap so I might just keep them, Who knows?
  11. I just got these model Twenty fours with a Yamaha CR-220 stereo today. They work but need going through. I am wondering how these will pair with my model fives?
  12. DonT

    ANOTHER KLH Model Five rebuild

    Very nice job. I need to make mine look that good now.
  13. DonT

    KLH Model 23 Mod

    If you have a capacitor tester check it for value. I burnt one the same way and turned it into a resistor lol.
  14. So excited to be getting these I had to post them. I won them on Ebay and they are in the mail and on there way. Should look great on my Model Fives, Woo Hoo!