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  1. RickB

    Another Mystery Speaker

    These speakers were the house brand speakers of a now defunct chain in California(University?).
  2. RickB

    AR 3A tweeter problem

    Chris1this1 and the Hi-Vi have gotten wonderful reviews but this link shows another replacement(maybe).https://www.midwestspeakerrepair.com/shop/home-audio/mw-audio-mt-4121-75-inch-dome-tweeter/. Has anyone tried these yet?
  3. RickB

    Advice on New Large Advent

    Your pix are probably too large resize to 100k and it should work.
  4. Bill LeGall at Millersound. Might be able to rescue(recone) your woofer. He has a great reputation for repairing woofers, but that one may be to far gone.
  5. RickB

    AR58s Question/Help

    Hello great speakers !!! Download and read the restoration guide for the AR3a. It has the same basic woofer and goes into really good detail on refoaming the woofer.
  6. RickB

    OL Advents and Advent A3's

    Well welcome. The 8 is the positive and "0" is negative(ground). As for stacking and connecting be careful you may cause major damage to your amp/receiver if the ohm/resistant drops below 8 ohms parallel. Your amp/receiver may not be able to handle such a low resistance and burnout the outputs.What is your system models?
  7. RickB

    NLA grill cloth?

    Hmm, I don't think this is a good match but you have to make your determination on that issue. Plus It says a minimum 3 yards so that may be a a limiting factor also. I would look again at the DoorMill link. https://dorrmillstore.com/index.php/site/products/category/foundation_cloth/17
  8. Hi, The 3 and 3a grilles are different. Cydest are the speakers for sure AR3as or AR3s. Thanks
  9. RickB

    NLA grill cloth?

    Yes it is, the fabric from Dorr Mill is very close but in my opinion not worth the many times the cost of what I used. But of course each person has to make their own choice.
  10. RickB

    KLH Model 12s in RI

    Hi Robert, That is great news and of course keep us updated on the progress. I almost went for them but decided I have too many speaker projects-2 pairs of 3as,2 pairs of 2axs, 2 pairs NLAs,1 pair AR 7s, 1 pair Ifinity 1001s and 1 pair of Lafayette heils(?) lol
  11. RickB

    NLA grill cloth?

    another cloth looks even better but much more expensive(Thx PeteB) https://dorrmillstore.com/index.php/site/products/category/foundation_cloth/17 12x12 threads per inch primitive linen
  12. RickB

    NLA grill cloth?

    I must apologize for the wrong link for the caydo fabric. It is sold now only by amazon. the link is https://www.amazon.com/Caydo-Needlework-Garments-Accessories-62-Inch/dp/B075Q9CV33/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&qid=1545222378&sr=8-5&keywords=caydo+linen+needlework+fabric When I did two of my NLAs I reused the black under layment and stapled the new cloth over that after I steam ironed the new cloth. It was pretty easy and came out looking really good according to the "Boss" (my wife). Thanks, RickB
  13. RickB

    NLA grill cloth?

    Here is a picture of the NLA grill. The source for the material is caydoonline.com and the p/n is X001KPU2XF. The weave is tighter than the original but it is very acoustically transparent and passes my listening tests and has Diana's approval. The 2 small lines are threads on the grill now removed.
  14. RickB

    NLA grill cloth?

    I have replaced the grill cloths on one pair of my NLA. It is a tighter weave but acoustically pretty transparent. I will post some pix later now on to more coffee at 7:05AM!!!!
  15. RickB

    Replacement rubber surrounds

    Were you able to find new surrounds for your Dynacos?