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  1. TSJ

    Capacitors for sale

    I would like to re-cap my 23's and 17's could you send me an invoice for 4 pieces? (2 for the model 23's and two for the model 17's) Do you happen to have the resistors for these models?
  2. TSJ

    Capacitors for sale

    Which would you recommend? I'm not fluent in the cap lingo.
  3. Please let me know if you have one laying around. -Thanks!
  4. TSJ

    Greetings from a noob

    One of the wires was loose and when touched, the driver worked, but the wire is not attached at the center connection point. How can this be repaired? How can this be repaired by a very crafty and persistent rookie?
  5. TSJ

    Greetings from a noob

    Looks like a wire may have sizzled, but I don't know what I'm looking at. There are 4 wire in tact and what looks to be a burn mark on the rim and a line in the glue where there may or may not have been a wire.
  6. TSJ

    Capacitors for sale

    Thanks JKent. I'll pick some up some time this week.
  7. TSJ

    Capacitors for sale

    Keyboard batteries went out mid post. I need two replacements for KLH Model 23. Hope the pic is sufficient. What type are these and do you have them?
  8. Hi, any info is appreciated... Does anyone have a working spare? What is the part no. or name of the tweeter? What other models use the same tweeter? -Thanks
  9. TSJ

    Greetings from a noob

    Just picked up my first pair of KLH and am going through them. They are Model 23 and so far I have one tweeter out, but the rest looks good. I plan on a recap and would love a part recommendation. I also wonder what everyone thinks about resealing. Oh, and I need a tweeter so if anyone has a working one to spare, please let me know. In the meantime I will try to repair it if I can. BTW- Ohms test on all drivers accept the one tweet read 4.1 Thanks to all