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  1. After years of waiting, the owner and I finally brought his pair of Cizek MG-27 subwoofers out of the cellar where they slept buried under dust and other material. The conditions despite the years of neglect still seem good: the cabinets are intact, no dent on the veneer and no lifting of the same, there is only a few stains due to humidity and a lot of dust deposited, the grilles, (I think not original?) these are in excellent condition. All four woofers need refoaming and seem to have spiders in good shape (no spider sinking). In the cellar there are still a couple of Cizek Model3s to be recovered and they were part of the kit sold together with the subwoofers and we will soon be pulling them out of the antrum in which they are. I had been waiting for this moment for years, at the time I proposed to my friend to buy him the speakers, I hope soon to realize this purchase. Below the photos of the "find" Giorgio
  2. Reluctantly I sold my AR3a improved from 1974, I had to send them to the buyer and I wanted them to arrive in the same conditions as they were in my house, cabinets as new! Under document with photo the phases of the packaging, long and laborious. First the speakers were wrapped in thick paper, then placed in double-wave cartons, with neoprene filling of about 5 cm. thick. When the cartons were sealed and sealed, I applied additional triple-wave cardboard to the front of the boxes as additional protection for the speakers' grilles. Then I applied the upper and lower bases, padded with 6 and 5 cm neoprene, protected by double-wave cardboard. The final sizes of the boxes are 77 x 46 x 44 cm. the speakers inside measure 63.5 x 36.5 x 28.5 cm .. I think they can fall from about three meters and ensure the integrity of the speakers contained inside! The last photos show the two boxes stacked next to my 124 special of 1974 (contemporary of the AR3a imp.) And the workers of the shipping company when they came yesterday to pick up the speakers at my house. I'm sad for the loss, but I hope the gentleman who bought them will enjoy their sound for years ... Giorgio
  3. Thanks for the note, I got the n° of the AR92 woofer wrong, the correct number is rightly 200033, I corrected my post !! Yes these AR92 are veneered in wood, as well as the other couple of my friend (already taken from the cellar a speaker of the second pair, now stacked under the working AR92) Regarding the 200040 woofer, as you wrote, it is also AR48s, different from the ones I inserted in the AR92 with the color of the paper cone: light gray in AR48s, dark gray in AR92, I am attaching photos with my AR48s couple to illustrate the cone (date 82/37), photo of both after refoam and photo of the back with type label and date.
  4. Hi ra.ra, I haven't been able to work on AR7s yet, but I found photos of my AR7 1622/1623 where you see the AR7 capacitor and it's a 6mF blue Sprague, I add two photos. I'll update you when I start working on the speakers, I'm still looking for a foam that has a wider size on the cone contact!
  5. A friend of mine has two AR92 pairs, who have been in the cellar for about 5 years. A couple has non-original woofers, the second pair, the protagonist here, has woofers with crumbled foam and a dent on a midrange dome. We started with external cleaning, the cabinets then received a light coat of linseed oil. The 200033 original woofers with a round magnet (detected resistance of 3.5 and 3.6 ohms) were disassembled and taken to my house for refoaming, at the time I put in their place a pair of my 200040 woofers with square magnet, visible in the last photo (resistance detected of 6.4 and 6.4 ohms, aesthetically they are the most similar to the original, foam glued under the cone). I fixed the dent of the midrange, no changes were made to the crossover. Connected to a Technics SU-V7 amplifier they have shown a splendid sound, no imbalance between low frequency and the rest of the range: mid switches. and tw. on the back set to -6db both. A wonderful pair of AR92s. Back of 200033 original woofers Repaired dent of the midrange Front of 200033 original woofers The speakers just arrived from the cellar Speakers with woofers replaced Details of the dented midrange Replaced 200040 woofers
  6. Hi ra.ra I confirm your impression on the AR16, I do not have any specimens of these speakers, but following the Italian market over the years I have seen on sale many specimens of AR16, currently if I'm not mistaken there are 2 pairs on the sales sites here in Italy . Apart from a few non-original woofers and tweeters, all the pieces I saw showed the same type of veneer on the cabinet as those of Steve, very rare the presence of the original foam grilles! Steve should take two pairs of well-sounding ARs and let us see the back of the AR16 woofer and tweeter when you refoaming woofers!! Giorgio
  7. Hi Steve, your AR16s are amazing in the cabinets and grills, the speakers: the woofers just need refoaming and straightening a small fold in a paper cone (not a difficult job), the tweeters are the Peerless KO10DT, among the best players (if functioning just need aesthetic refreshing). It's worth restoring them to their original components and you'll have a wonderful pair of AR16 mintes! The AR18s are perfect in the components, the cabinets can be restored and then finished with veneer or painting, depending on your taste! You'll get more tips on restoring AR18s cabinets from other members ... Giorgio
  8. I don't think the AR2a cloth is available, the hope is that someone here has surplus fabric, it seems to me that you had already asked for it. Alternatively the original AR2ax grilles are also fine and are often sold at various prices - 20 to 60/70 $ I saw on average sold on ebay, if you have patience you will find a pair of AR2ax grilles at an honest price. My pair of Heathkit AS-2a (clone of the AR2a) have grilles of the AR2ax, I am attaching photos of my AS-2a speaker with the AR2ax grille, as you can see the visual result is excellent and the frame sizes are the same for AR2a and AR2ax (also Heathkit in this case)
  9. Hi Jeff, the '63 AR2s (I had written '62, but reviewing the photos and previous posts, I badly remembered the assembly year! I apologize for this) were originally unfinished, then veneered in wood unknown to me about 3 mm. thick, you can see them here and also in my other interventions: That time I hoped someone could understand the type of wood used, but so far this remains an unsolved enigma. Giorgio
  10. P.S. The cloth of the AR2a of 1962 is without the gold thread, the other two cloths both have gold thread
  11. Hi Jeff, the teak option, especially on European furniture, I don't like it, personally I am fascinated by American walnut or pine. To complete the description of the grille cloths, I enclose a photo: the first cloth is from AR2 around 1959, the second from AR2a from 1962, the third from AR2a, an unidentified year (it was on a 1964 Heathkit AS-2a, but not the his original grille!), in all the photos are in the order written above (except for the details of 2 nearby grilles). It seems that the fabric of the AR2 is the same from the AS-2a (Heathkit), probably classified "other finishes" for AR2 and also the certain AR2a of 1962 is the one classified "other finishes" for AR2a on your brochure. Giorgio
  12. Jeff beautiful brochure, looking at it I have to ask if the fabric in the upper right corner of the 2nd photo is an original addition (with hand lettering!). The second question concerns the color Teak, here it appears dark, very similar to walnut, in all European-type cabinets) of AR2ax, AR4xa, AR5, AR6, AR7 and AR3a, teak is very clear, very similar to birch and veins are denser. I am attaching photos of one of my teak-coated AR6 pair (these went to the USA 2 years ago, sold because I keep the pair of early oiled valnut AR6)
  13. Very beautiful these AR10PI, they seem completely original in all the components, the tweeters should be the A.22, you are very lucky to have the original foam grilles in perfect condition, only the surround foam of the woofers should not be the correct 5/8", but the 1/2" one. Giorgio
  14. Thanks for the contribution, my curiosity was due to the fact that apart from the years of production and a few years later, AR no longer provided the replacement for AR2 and AR2a, except for the replacement with the 200008-0 3 "1/2 midrange or with the 200006-0 2 "1/2 mid / highrange. This pair of midrange sold in Indonesia and probably from S.S./ Seas Danish I think are perfectly unknown until now, we hope that Tom T. or other experts can reconstruct the history of these strange speakers! IARrybody beautiful speaker with 4 x 5 "mids, I am convinced that it sounds very good, apart from the extremes of the range, I too love this type of cone mids that are in my AR2, AR2a and Heathkit AS-2a (six total pairs) . I put a request to you and others, I have been searching for a couple of these mids with brown paper cones for years to match my 1963 AR2a that had two pairs of brown mids, unfortunately a couple had coils burned and the substitutes had the most common gray paper, currently each enclosure of this pair of AR2a contains a gray and a brown mid (the coils all have the same mating resistance). I have as a spare another enclosure with a pair of gray cones, but I don't want to use it to even out the color of the cone on the gray, I'm looking for a brown pair, maybe to exchange with my gray one! The mids are kept perfect in aesthetic and electrical function, I attach the photos of the two enclosures and the front of my AR2a. P.S. thank you Kent for beautiful brochure
  15. I photographed the photos of the announcement, now you can see the mids, even if the resolution is not the best!
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