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  1. Giorgio AR

    Another AR-3a restoration

    Kent is a beautiful conservative restoration, even here there will be another twenty years of pleasant listening and pleasure of the sight of a splendid AR3a couple! In my opinion, even without the grids, these speakers have a lot of charm, and this pair is very well finished aesthetically Giorgio.
  2. Giorgio AR

    Another AR-3a restoration

    Kent, I work as a nurse and as such I am used to the observation and to the mental archive of the data collected (Tom Tyson is in my opinion the greatest observer and manages to catch all the details !!!). Thank you for confirming what I saw and asked, I also appreciate your description on the sound of this pair of AR3a, clearly the speakers will need a proper break-in and use period to make a complete sound report and a comparison with your own AR91. I think you could even make the comparison with Hi-Vi tweeters, you have a rare opportunity to test two possible substitutes for the beloved paper dome tweeters! Thank you Giorgio
  3. Giorgio AR

    AR 2ax With Two Midrange Drivers?

    Sorry David, I forgot to mention the non-original grilles fabric! Giorgio
  4. Giorgio AR

    AR 2ax With Two Midrange Drivers?

    Hi David, this is a pair of AR2a, n°17 ... and n° 64 ... , not progressive construction, probably the oldest speaker from around 1960 and the most recent of around 1963. Probably the seller confused the type of speakers. The speakers, although different in terms of production, should sound the same with all the speakers in order. In my experience, if tweeters are currently playing they are OK (visually they should not have defects on the dome and on the correct correct positioning and fixing), attention to dual midranges, to control (or be insured by the seller) the functioning of all 4 speakers ( easy to burn the coil), the woofers if functioning, but noisy may have suffered the detachment (easily remediable) of the upper and lower ring of masonite. To ensure sound and correct operation, read the AR3 restoration guide. I have 2 pairs of these speakers (a couple is the Heathkit clone )I listen to them for many years and for many hours a day, and I am very satisfied!
  5. Giorgio AR

    Another AR-3a restoration

    Hi JKent, splendid work of "conservative restoration", from the photos we see that the tweeter is with the fabric dome, this is the solution proposed by Larry of V. AR? What do you think about the sound of these tweeters and you were able to compare them with the original ones, if you can make a report, I think many of us would be interested in your evaluation !! Giorgio.
  6. Tom, with your post you gave a great input ... Luigi your report seems like a great investigator's job, a lot of observation and detail, historical research, good reasoning and finally re-ordering of all the acquired data! I think that little by little, with the contribution of many other competent and passionate people, we will be able to recreate the two most delicate parts and those most subject to deterioration: Spiders and coils (the failure of one of these two particular causes the inactivity of our precious objects) . Being able to recreate these components in accordance with the original will be almost like winning a million dollar lottery for AR fans!
  7. Giorgio AR

    AR 18LS for free… worth restoring?

    ra.ra gave you a good advice: replace only the deteriorated foam with new and appropriate and replace the 5 mF capacitors and you will have an excellent and well-sounding pair of AR18LS assembled in the UK with US components. Giorgio
  8. Giorgio AR


    They didn't position me horizontally, now that they are vertical, it seems to me better, the pair of AR1MS is still to be attenuated compared to the AR2 woofer (8 ohm against the 4 ohm declared by the AR1MS...) Also public photos of the Philips amplifier and its 22rh621 tuner, also very well played
  9. Giorgio AR

    Framework of AR4xa

    And this one with the title: "the intruder"
  10. Giorgio AR

    Framework of AR4xa

    Hi IARrbody, above AR2 there is a pair of AR1MS connected after the AR2 woofer. The cover of "Jefferson Airplane takes Off" is original -mono- version 1965, "Surrealistic Pillow", is a recent copy, exhibited as the second musical example of Jefferson Airplane! Congratulations on your musical knowledge, probably these two discs are the masterpieces of this wonderful band! Giorgio
  11. Giorgio AR

    Framework of AR4xa

    I have this picture of AR4xa framed by Philips and AR speakers on the sides. It looks like a souvenir photo! Giorgio
  12. Giorgio AR

    AR10TT/AR10PI what’s the difference?

    Wonderful, you have a wonderful couple (I am convinced that all the speakers contained in the cabinets C0051/C0081 are perfectly original and correspond to the AR specifications). After just refoaming, you can enjoy them for another 15 to 20 years. I wish you a wonderful listening, it will never be tiring, try also to enjoy the speakers at very low volumes, you will find the same sound and all the instruments you hear at higher volumes! Giorgio
  13. Giorgio AR

    AR-410 refoam (never again!)

    Hi JKENT, I found these on the Italian auction site, I think they are correct to replace the AR / 410 mid / w, I am attaching photos and links https://www.ebay.it/itm/113716665676?ul_noapp=true
  14. I sell an original Cizek model 2 foam grille, well preserved, clearly not perfect, there are small lacks here and there of foam, but I think it is 99% intact. Exchange also with an AR18 foam grille, of which I have only one!
  15. Giorgio AR

    AR10TT/AR10PI what’s the difference?

    Hi Scoup, I am attaching photos of an my advertisement dated 2/75, where you see the presentation of the new AR-10TT (Pigreco), the front baffle is painted black like your speaker n 0051. There are also other slight differences: the front frame, the woofer seat and its position, the color of the dome tweeter (a specimen of preseries is probably photographed), you also appreciate the probable clear shielding of the midrange as it appears in your speakers. Yours are wonderful and early AR-10TT speakers Giorgio