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  1. Meowm

    Sale price for Ar4x speakers

    Thanks! I think you got lucky at $20 donated by someone who didn’t know the value maybe or didn't care, I’m surprised goodwill didnt sell them for more though. I have listed them at ebay so I will wait to see if they sell there first prolly.
  2. Meowm

    Sale price for Ar4x speakers

    Thanks I will post there. We have too much stuff so these need to go and we have never used them for many years. I just prefer to get rid of the clutter now of unused stuff. We have some Huge klipsch speakers also that are almost never used and they don't seem to work consistently. I prefer the modern smaller items now that don't take up huge amounts of space and I can’t notice any major difference in sound quality either. I guess I just don’t care as much anymore?
  3. Hello, I’m wondering how much these sell for? A pair of Ar 4x speakers. We haven’t used them for many years so I dont know if they work. Most listed at Ebay are in the $270- 400 range. Thanks!