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    Strange Fried egg

    Thanks for your reply... i've already tested and to me they sound only a little more open than the others ... but could be only an impression... both tweeters with sticks are 1,9ohm i think it would be very strange ifnthey were damaged in the same way.. i'm very curious...
  2. Antonio

    Strange Fried egg

    Hello, i read this site for years , I'm italian so i apologize in advance for my poor english, be patient please. I'm an Advent fan since 1979 when my father buy form me a couple of Advent/1 ... today in my system there is a double stack composed by NAL +Advent /1 powered by a Rotel RHB-10 Michi, external crossovers with Clarity Caps Csa and Mundorf Supreme resistors and original inductors in these years i've bought 2 couples of fried eggs in case of accidents ...that never happen ? i've notice that a couple was different from average fried eggs... in the front view they are perfectly indistinguishable but in the rear side there was a stick(NALS tweeter) as in photo dc resistance was 1,9ohm instead of traditional 2,2ohm of NAL tweeters is there someone who can explain what kind of tweeter is this? thank you in advance Antonio
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