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  1. Hi, Bought a used pair of vr-m50's fairly cheap to use as rears/surrounds (to replace some Wharfedale Diamond bookshelves I donated to son). One has a dinged/compressed tweeter (tried to attach pics. Did not work). Have not tried vacuuming, other suctioning, super-gluing, taping, etc. yet- although I may. Just wondering if I was looking for a donor speaker on CL, which would have a compatible VR/lynnfield tweeter? Obviously another VR-M50/60, but would any of the later VR tweeters be fine? Would a VR-91x center tweeter be fine, or Micro 90 IIx tweeter be fine? And should I be looking to replace the okay tweeter as well, if the donor has the later "HO" version of the VR tweeter? I wouldn't be listening super-critically. Also - not being a tweeter or speaker expert by any means, does the tweeter just "plug and play" if I undo the hex nuts on the front and pull out the tweeter and reconnect some wires, or is there soldering going on or something (and no, I've never touched a soldering iron in my life - and not sure I want to start now). Thanks, Reg.
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