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  1. Just replaced the red dual 2uF caps that were wired in parallel (for 4 uF) in series with the tweeter. These are OLD wax units whose value has wandered a lot and now with huge dissipation factor. I used a couple of Southern Electronics 4.4uF metalized polypropylene units. It's interesting to note that the DC resistance of the tweeters is about 3.8 ohms. This would correspond to an impedance of around or just over 4 ohms. The 4 uF cap as a crossover would be about 10kHz in this case. Or a simple way of reducing the output to match the woofer while compensating for the lower total radiated power of the tweeter at higher frequencies. If you have a model 24 speaker that went with the record player the crossover might have been different. Henry (Kloss) might well have done that to improve the overall sound of the system.
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