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  1. I need a matching driver for my 4x set. I live in Indiana. My current 2nd driver from ebay has an overtreated, stiff surround and seems to rattle/bottom out too easily. Thank you for your interest.
  2. Yes, Millersound has been recommended. It's so...far. How much does such a repair run?
  3. Ahh, I see. The shop I talked to said in general reconing never recaptures the character of the original. Your assessment of the 120 degree tear may have saved me a 2 hour drive. Ive been scanning ebay and google for a replacement woofer. I’ll see what others say but I have a feeling you are right. At least I still have one good one that I think just needs the surround re-gooped. I appreciate the input. Still pretty new at all this.
  4. Hi all. I am a couple months into an obsession with restoring a pair of AR 4x I found. I nabbed them after their weight and then a google search clued me on that I had stumbled upon a hidden gem. In my ignorance I tried to patch a damaged woofer with Elmer's glue and coffee filter. Of course the cone split wide open when I tried to use it. This speaker has the ribbed cone and big fat alnico magnet. I would love to salvage it and have found a guy a couple hours away who will repair the cone (but won't re-cone). I just need to find a way to remove the glue and patch. Aside from soap and water, is there a better approach/material to use? Any suggestions are much appreciated.
  5. Hi. I assume the 4x have been sold. Could I be wrong? PM if these are still available, thanks.
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