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  1. Hello, any idea of the midrange & tweeter size of the KLH 512 Speaker System , btw many many thanks for the info already provided 😙
  2. These are only 25 watts max , how do I make them 120 watt , can changing the woofer (say like dual coil , high sensitivity ) do the job, will any audio engineer out there enlighten me if this is possible , thanks
  3. Thanks for the info. JKent : - ))
  4. Hi there , I have a chance to pick up KLH 512 speakers in my city , there's almost nil user info of this model on the web , though I have some info. of this model : Speakers were launched in the mid 80's, 8 ohms impediance , 12 inch woofer , 75 W RMS max each , the seller says they sound fantastic , any one out there have experience with this KLH model let me know , particulaily I want the sensitivity of these speakers (wether they are easy or hard to drive) which i cant find anwhere, thanks
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