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  1. ajfink

    Advent 2004 speakers

    Do you have a link to the listing?
  2. ajfink

    All Advent questions answered

    1) They can be as shiny as you want, depending on preference and what you want to refinish or oil them with. Both of my pairs of walnut OLAs by default have a "satin," as you described, finish. 2) Not sure if there's a way to "re-plate" the inner trim, but those don't look too off from the examples I've seen. 3) As long as the voice coil isn't rubbing, you should be okay. with the surrounds as-is for now But I would definitely refoam them in the proper (reversed) orientation to fully enjoy them as intended when you get to that point.
  3. ajfink

    How to test crossover on Advent/1

    Definitely looks like an Advent /1 crossover, per: http://audiokarma.org/forums/index.php?threads/advent-crossover-help-quick.160846/#post-1806724 And that is most assuredly an air core. Looks like he's cooking with gas, then, so to speak....
  4. ajfink

    How to test crossover on Advent/1

    I would replace the capacitors regardless, as pointed out by the others. I've had great success with Dayton Audio's poly caps being on-spec, even the cheaper 5% tolerance caps. I would buy two of each of these connect them in parallel (for a total of 13uf), and then replace the old single capacitors in each crossover: https://www.parts-express.com/dayton-audio-dmpc-12-12uf-250v-polypropylene-capacitor--027-430 https://www.parts-express.com/dayton-audio-dmpc-10-10uf-250v-polypropylene-capacitor--027-410 If you plan on playing these loud, replacing the inductor with an air core or p-core (as opposed to iron core) inductor might be a good idea. Edit - I'm not sure this would help with brightness, though. The hard surfaces might be part of the issue.
  5. ajfink

    Advice on New Large Advent

    I wouldn't muck with them, then, unless you'd like to move to a lower DCR for further damping/cutting bass "boominess." Edit - I would remove the screwdriver, first. 😋
  6. I recently picked up some Prodigy Towers - anything notable about the woofers that the class would like to hear?
  7. ajfink

    Advice on New Large Advent

    Correct me if I'm wrong: you have a set of OLAs and a set of NLAs? If so, the "extended" position of the OLAs is akin to the "normal" position of the NLAs and you'd want to match them in that way when playing together, I'd think (but of course you don't have to). If both sets are the same model...nevermind. New binding posts is a definite step up.
  8. ajfink

    Advice on New Large Advent

    Is that the smallest quantity you can find? Lowe's/Home Depot/your local hardware store might be able to hook you up.
  9. ajfink

    Advice on New Large Advent

    An alternative to going air core if you're cost sensitive are p-core inductors, which have significantly less distortion than iron core inductors and lower DCR and cost at a given wire gauge than air core inductors. I unwound four of these down to 1.6mH for my main two sets, and will likely be adding two more: https://www.parts-express.com/jantzen-5280-22mh-20-awg-p-core-inductor--255-130 This is also a lower-than-stock DCR, which I ~think~ has added to the damping of the woofer, to my ear. All-around improvement. Fiberglass insulation or poly fill for cabinet fill, don't be too stingy on the amount. Pick some poly caps on-spec. Replace the resistors with non-inductive ones, if you feel so inclined, but these are likely the least important. If you have the super-thin-wired tweeter inductors and plan on pushing them loud, it would be worthwhile to replace these with lower-gauge (thicker) inductors. Edit - mine are Original Large Advents / OLAs, so there would be some component value differences between ours and yours, the NLAs, I don't think had dinky tweeter inductors.
  10. ajfink

    Blown New Advent driver

    Any useful tidbits or stories, for posterity?
  11. ajfink

    Advent Baby Ii

    Sink your fingernails in underneath the left and right edges, along the obvious seam. Pull. They are held on by four rubbery friction-standoffs that go inside matching slots in the speaker front. At their age, you definitely want to inspect the foam surrounds. They can weaken and crumble over time, and if they disintegrate to the point where they no longer support the cone, the voice coil can rub and damage itself. The most likely scenario is that they are weak and perhaps cracked in spots, which isn't "failure" level, but these are sealed suspension speakers, and thus an air leak would weaken their performance, especially in the lower frequencies.
  12. ajfink

    Advent Baby Ii

    Aye, that's a good philosophy. If they sound good to you, that's what matters. I do suspect they sound different than when you got them. The ones I pulled from my pair were both 15%+ out of spec. Out of curiosity, what else do you have in your surround to go with them?
  13. ajfink

    Advent Baby Ii

    My good friend, please recap these
  14. ajfink

    OL Advents and Advent A3's

    You can run them quad. The "increase" position on the OLA is effectively the "normal" for the A3, I believe - just an FYI for matching them. If these haven't been recapped, they ought to be.
  15. ajfink

    Advent Baby Ii

    I have a pair of Baby II's I recapped and refoamed about a month ago. I like them well enough and they might end up in the bedroom rotation (if I ever feel like moving the Minimus 7's). For their size, they're quite nice. They DO seem like prime candidates for an upgraded tweeter with a tweaked crossover point to match. They look great with the wooden top and bottom pieces, but I may decide to swap out for new grill cloth.