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  1. ajfink

    Advent Baby Ii

    Aye, that's a good philosophy. If they sound good to you, that's what matters. I do suspect they sound different than when you got them. The ones I pulled from my pair were both 15%+ out of spec. Out of curiosity, what else do you have in your surround to go with them?
  2. ajfink

    Advent Baby Ii

    My good friend, please recap these
  3. ajfink

    OL Advents and Advent A3's

    You can run them quad. The "increase" position on the OLA is effectively the "normal" for the A3, I believe - just an FYI for matching them. If these haven't been recapped, they ought to be.
  4. ajfink

    Advent Baby Ii

    I have a pair of Baby II's I recapped and refoamed about a month ago. I like them well enough and they might end up in the bedroom rotation (if I ever feel like moving the Minimus 7's). For their size, they're quite nice. They DO seem like prime candidates for an upgraded tweeter with a tweaked crossover point to match. They look great with the wooden top and bottom pieces, but I may decide to swap out for new grill cloth.
  5. ajfink

    Opinions on Double Advent Rebuild Please

    The short of it (no electrical pun intended): if you're willing to get a powerful amp, just make sure you get one well-built enough to handle it and don't fret over the resistors. One of the reasons Pete has mentioned adding resistors to these this in the past was to make up for the lower DCR of newer poly caps often used to replace the old electrolytic ones. In those cases, they would be relatively low-value resistors, and they would only be in line with the tweeter. To some people/in some situations, dropping the mids and highs down a notch (again, no pun intended) is a good thing anyway (see: BSC). Adding a resistor between the amp and the whole speaker also affects the woofer, too. The woofer consumes far more of the energy than the tweeter, though....
  6. ajfink

    Opinions on Double Advent Rebuild Please

    That's the idea. I haven't added them yet, but this is what I ordered in case I do decide to add the resistors to mine: https://www.parts-express.com/jantzen-audio-051-ohm-10-watt-audio-grade-superes-resistor--255-941 A tiny change, but it would "take the edge off," so to speak. I haven't added them yet, and am still on the fence.
  7. ajfink

    Opinions on Double Advent Rebuild Please

    Indeed, the OLAs are rated at 8 Ohms "nominally," but they have pretty deep dips. Per Pete B. above: http://audiokarma.org/forums/index.php?threads/advent-nla-input-impedance-warning.830276/ That's NLA testing, but the OLA isn't too far off.
  8. ajfink

    Opinions on Double Advent Rebuild Please

    Great thought. The manual does use the word "parallel" to describe the A/B function, but disconnecting one (or one set) doesn't disable any of the rest, so there's likely a little more going on there.
  9. ajfink

    NLA grill cloth?

    I do think the texture/threadcount of the dormillstore options better match the originals, for sure. I think a visual upgrade might be in order, though, though opinions obviously will vary widely on that. As for the minimum amount - no big deal, I have three sets.
  10. ajfink

    Opinions on Double Advent Rebuild Please

    A few thoughts I've had so far and decisions I've made as a result of this thread: I've run my four OLAs - with poly caps and no padding resistors to get closer to the original ESR - with a dedicated amp, my main receiver (a Pioneer Elite), and a Sony receiver (convenience in a number of ways, long story). With the current Sony receiver, I've run all four on the A outputs in parallel, and now have them all driven on the A and B. I am unsure if these are parallel on a single amp or have their own dedicated amps. Obviously, I hope each has its own amp, and I'm leaning towards thinking this is likely. I'll check. I've pushed them more than loud enough for my uses but obviously never to failure. I do not care about this Sony receiver. I initially had fuses on all four OLAs (3 amp fast blow), but currently do not. I may return to doing this at some point. I never blew any, but I might try 2 amp fuses next. I haven't blown up anything yet, though the topic of having enough power has concerned me greatly since I started out on this journey a few months ago. I just ordered some 0.51 Ohm resistors to put inline with the capacitors in my OLAs Pete's got me spooked/convinced.
  11. ajfink

    NLA grill cloth?

    Thinking about rebuilding some grills myself. Has anyone had experience with these? https://www.acoustimac.com/dmd-acoustic-fabric The "Stone" color looks to be a close match, but I might also try something a little...funkier.
  12. ajfink

    Opinions on Double Advent Rebuild Please

    As someone running stacked OLAs.... Question 1: Rubbing alcohol (90%+ works faster, of course) to clean them up, safely. I would refoam them all at the same time with the same foams. Question 2/3: Not stupid. Allegedly the woofers between the OLA and NLA perform the same as you noted, and if not the same, darn close. If you want Large Advent tweeters of some form, the NLA tweeters apparently had issues with their ferrofluid, with some of them leaking or solidifying, and you're struggling to find working ones. If you can find four that work fine, you're probably golden. OLA tweeters are easier to find. Countersinking the tweeters would make me...nervous. There's speculation (based on tests) that the OLA was built with the grill intended to be the baffle for the tweeter; the tweeter touches it. Adding grill standoffs would then make the NLA cabs look goofy, so...man, you can countersink the tweeters, I suppose. It might be okay? I'm honestly not sure. It could also cause some deleterious effects from the hard edge around the tweeter. Question 4: If BOTH your A and B channels can drive 8 Ohms, you should be okay. I drive one set on my A's, another set on the B's, and then run them together. I haven't had any issues yet, but I also haven't tried to really force the issue into painful loudness territory. About crossovers: I would go with the Rev.2 crossovers Pete B. spells out on his page, linked to above. If you're building the crossover from scratch, maybe others have some feedback. You going to add the decrease/normal/increase functionality? Another cabinet thought: make sure you're willing to buy enough fiberglass insulation to properly stuff them. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe the current general recommendation is 2 lbs of insulation per cubic foot?
  13. ajfink

    Restoring Powered Advents

    I selfishly I would like to hear how this restoration turned out, if it's not too much trouble. It's awesome you have the opportunity to have these semi-rare classics restored, it's unfortunate the events around it weren't the best. Hopefully the results helped bring it all full circle for you.