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  1. I recently purchased a vintage Fisher 500B receiver. Trying to connect 12 gauge speaker wire to the terminals has been difficult. Interestingly the, Fisher owners manual recommends 12 gauge "zip cord" for use as a speaker cable, but the terminals on the back of the receiver really don't accommodate wiring that thick. When the 12 gauge cord is wrapped around the terminal it almost touches other terminals due the the thickness of the wire. Has anyone else run into this problem and come up with a solution?
  2. Norman Nicolai

    OL Advents and Advent A3's

    I have a Harman Kardon 3770 receiver rated at 120 watts per channel. According to the users manual I can push two sets of speakers as long as each set is rated at 8 ohms. The speakers sound great stacked! Thanks for your info.
  3. Norman Nicolai

    OL Advents and Advent A3's

    I just purchased a set of both OLA's and Advent A3's. Can you stack them in combination like you can OLA's? The speaker connections on the back panel don't indicate "+" and "ground". One connector says "8 ohms" and the other connector has a "O". What is the correct way to wire them if you are connecting one set of speakers? How do you wire them if you want to stack them, given the odd labels on the back of the speaker? Thanks, any help would be appreciated.