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  1. Did you buy the AR1s for your collection? Thanks, Ki
  2. Do you have photos and serial number of the other speaker? what is your price? Please send me a private message. kichoi.br549@gmail.com Regards, Ki
  3. Thanks for the hint. I uploaded smaller image files in my original post. Ki
  4. It failed again to load ~1.2MB iPhone photos with error message: There was a problem processing the uploaded file. -200 What am I doing wrong?
  5. My first post here. After owning a pair of AR3s but regretting selling them, I was searching for a pair of AR3s locally with no luck that is until now. I ran into a pair of one owner AR3s that are completely unmolasted. Strangely the guy had AR logo and model 3 badge pinned upside down on the grilles. Thus he had placed both speakers' top as bottom with tweeters in the ground it seemed. So the top of the speakers are in bad shape with its seams showing gaps and wood veneer in poor shape. Serial numbers are 66205 and 66201. The grille clothes were a little discolored from its age and somewhat wrapped from moisture at one corner and glued into the front of the speakers. I removed them carefully and place them under another heavy speakers to flatten them back. I think I can clean and wash the grille clothes too. With help from the forum member Glenn, I contacted RoyC for the mid range drivers rebuilds and replacement pots. They are on their way to NY. The challenge would be how to repair the gaps in seams of the speakers (at the top section now- one part of the corner had swollen) and properly refinish the wood veneer. Unfortunately I don't have Glenn's veneering skill. So I am considering taking the speakers to the professional furniture refinisher I had used once before. Thanks, Ki PS: I tried to post few JPG photos of the speakers but failing to upload. I'll attempt it again as a follow up post.
  6. Hi Roy

    I just joined this group and read your posts.

    It seems you are the expert on rebuilding the mid drivers on AR3s.  I bought a pair of one owner AR3s locally and thinking what to do about restoring them to their original glory.  Based on other AR3 rebuild posts, most likely the mid drivers will not work properly.

    I would like to ask you if I can send them to you for your magic.

    If you can help, please send me the details of disassembly, payment instruction, and shipping instruction.




    in Seattle

    1. Ki Choi

      Ki Choi

      Hi Glenn

      I got hooked up with Roy and will be sending the midrange drivers to him for his magic.  I am also buying a set of trim pots he had rebuilt already.

      You are the master in repairing wood veneer.  I saw your photos with amazement.

      As I had mentioned, the original owner had the speaker gille badges placed upside down and had the speakers upside down with tweeter at the bottom all its life.  Thus after positioning the speakers correctly standing with tweeters on top, the AR3s' top veneers are in bad shape with few of the corner joints show small gaps about 1/64" from getting wet some point.

      I also saw similar gaps in your AR3 photos before your repair.  How did you close the gap along the edges?

      I am considering letting a antique furniture repair place replace the bad veneers and refinish the rest of the sides with few patching work needed from missing wood spots on front edges.

      What is your email address?  Mine is kichoi.br549@gmail.com




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