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  1. I have not seen 10" drivers listed on Richard's repair page nor do I see them on fleabay. Are they that rare?
  2. I have extensively researched this topic and the general consensus is to leave them alone. I will abide.
  3. Scored a nice pair of L620's, can someone tell me how to clean the dust off those soft tweeters? Thank you.
  4. Surrounds have been redone. Reason I ask about the crossovers is these Advents seem kind of bright compared to my NLA's in the late seventies. I didn't know if that was a characteristic of bad caps or not. Could be the live room, (basement rec room with hard tile floors and little soft furniture) poorly mixed cd's or my aged hearing. I do have some cd's that sound very good with this system so the caps might be fine I might leave them. Thanks for the help. I did take a pic of the crossover for posterity. P1000527 by
  5. In simplest terms how do I test the components of my crossover? These are Advent/1. Also what characteristics do the speakers show when caps are bad? Thank you.
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