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  1. Thx Genek,..That’s what thought. I’m thinking of using a laminate sealer, than painting a wood grain finish. If you do it right it come out amazing.
  2. I don’t know if it’s possible to remove it with there age.It might come off in tiny pieces which means hours upon hours of work. But thanks Kent.
  3. Hi,.im sure the covering is a laminate. I’ve had many speakers throughout the years that were exactly the same as these. And yes I’ll take more pics but I’ll have to post them to my Facebook as I am doing everything from my phone. I’ll post them by 11:30am Az time unless my phone gives me problems like yesterday. Thx
  4. Yes,..I checked them out. I have to say though,.they look better than mine! I hate to ruin the originality by a refinish job but I’m not a fan of laminate. I have a pair of AR11’s I’ve had since 77 that cost me 750 at the time and there untouched and these didn’t cost me, so what the hell. Thx again ra.ra.?
  5. Wow thank you ra.ra. Pine you say,.humm. Sad they covered it. He said one label just feel off and he found it on the floor but misplaced it. I might refinish them with a textured paint,.they have a variety of different textures and colors. They sound good so it’s worth it. I don’t know much about caps and pots or what to do with them. But when I get around to taking the grill off I’ll pull the woofer and post my findings. I can tell you that the vinyl covering is about 1/32 thick, like a counter top,.lol. And the grill cloth is in good shape very tough stuff I might add. I thank you again my friend for your help and interest,.most appreciated! 🙂
  6. O So the pics are there,. cool! Please if anyone can help on the year I’d appreciate it,thank you larRYbody
  7. Well I know it’s not contact paper,because it’s much to thick. And I looked them over very good especially the back where you can see the layers of compressed plywood. It looks factory to me. If it was done after they did a good job. And I asked the person I purchased them from if he or the people he got them from had put the Vinyl on,.and he said he didn’t and as far as he knew his friend he got them from didn’t! Weird right? I’m still trying to post them on here and Facebook. Signal problems. Will post as soon as I can,.thanks guys for you help.
  8. Yes I have the speakers like the pic in the middle,.1959 still trying to post pics
  9. Also they have the super tweeter with dual mids
  10. I’ll post pics in facebook if you don’t mind going on my page under my name Robert Ciambrano. Should come right up,not many have my last name. Thx jkent
  11. Hi jkent,.and thx. I had to take them for the price,stupid not to. Si I tried to post pic’s for 45 mins wasn’t letting me. There 2a’s just like the pics in this thread. They have the dual mids. And there is a 2 stamped in the rear edge of the speaker.
  12. Hi everyone. I just picked up a pair of AR2a’s for $25. Couldn’t pass them up being that the speakers themselves were in nice condition and not dry rotted and still play. But I’ve never seen a pair with a vinyl finish which is pretty scratched up. But you can’t exspect much for $25. Also my research wasn’t very fruitful in the hunt for the year they were made,being that the labels were ripped off the back. I’ve had a pair of AR 11’s since 1977 that I had to put on lay away because I couldn’t afford the $750 price tag. But I do love them other than the tweeter being muddled and weak. Anyway is there anyone out there that can help me with determining the year?? Thanks
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