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  1. handel

    RDL Acoustics F-1

    Thanks! I'll check them out.
  2. handel

    RDL Acoustics F-1

    If either of you 2 are looking to sell your RDL's let me know!
  3. handel

    RDL Acoustics F-1

    Thanks for the yahoo suggestion. I also have copy of the Test Report done by Stereo Review in Feb. 94. According to the Report both RDL Acoustics F-1 and FS-1 speaker systems are identical in almost every respect. Both models use a 2-kHz crossover, with 6-dB-per-octave slopes and have a sensitivity of 87 dB sound-pressure level at 1 meter with a 2.83-volt input. The only difference in the 2 models is the F-1 has its woofer on the top facing up where the FS-1 is a conventional set up. There are complete spec's in this Report, but no schematic.
  4. handel

    RDL Acoustics F-1

    I own a nice pair of Roy Allison's RDL FS-1 speakers. Purchased them directly from Roy back in 94. I am looking for the schematics on these and someone willing to do the work for me. These are my favorites ever and I'm upset to no end! Please help this Indiana guy if you can.
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