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  1. The new surrounds I got off of eBay for my Sixes look good, but when I put them in place for the dry run it seems the inner angle is wrong. The cone sits lower than the surround, and it looks like if I attach these new ones, then it will be pulling the cone up a bit and the cone will be slightly raised from it's original "rest" position. In other words, with no music playing the cone is now a little bit into it's "stroke" already. Has anyone else noticed this during refoaming? Will I lose a little bass if I glue these in?
  2. I see 2 pairs of Allison Six speakers on Ebay right now - If anyone needs parts!. From what I understand the woofers and tweeters can be cannibalized for many other models.
  3. The woofers were not changed - just the foam surrounds. It's a pretty symmetrical room and I positioned myself smack in the middle, and listened to a bunch of different songs, and it is certainly louder. It could also be my 35 year old Marantz P700 that has differing output channels, but I don't notice it using my other speakers. I used the attenuating levers on the back to try to balance them out, but still needed to swing the balance off-centre a bit. These speakers sound fantastic and now make my trusty Boston Acoustics sound a bit muddy in comparison, so balancing them out was well worth it.
  4. A friend moved a few years ago and gifted me his old Allison's. I brought them home and they've been in a spare bedroom ever since. I finally got them downstairs and set them up next to my Boston Acoustic A100's, which I got new about 35 years ago or so. I quickly found out both woofers needed new foams, as usual. No problem, I've done them before, so eBay sent me a new pair, and I got them up and running, but one of mid-ranges had broken wiring to the coil. Played around with it, but they weren't repairable. Took a while, but eBay also came thru on a new mid-range. Started hooking everything up, and discovered I have one CD-9 and one Nine. I asked the guy I got them from and he says he got them new and never had them in the shop. He never knew he had 2 different speakers! I can only imagine he bought them, and the guy at the store said "Hey Jimmy - go in the back and get me 2 Allison Nines". So Jimmy grabs the first 2 boxes he sees and my buddy goes home none-the-wiser. After a while it dawned on me.... this means there has to be another dude out there with the other mis-matched pair! In case you are wondering, they sound identical to me since I didn't bi-amp the one. The only difference I can hear is that the Nines sound a few DB's louder than the CD9, so I have to set the balance knob a little to one side.
  5. I just replaced a Nine mid-range, so I have an old driver. The cone wiring is broken, so it may be a good parts items for you, since you have a good cone but bad driver.
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