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  1. I think there are 3 ways to improve a system that includes Bose 901 speakers. 1. If you only want ta add a sub (non-powered) consider replacing the 901 equalizer with a Mini DSP EQ901PS from Deer Creek Audio. This replacement Eq has a dedicated sub outlet and all Eq functions are pre-programmed and controlled automatically. Works great and is cost effective. 2. One could further enhance a 901 system by adding a 3 or 4 channel Crossover. additional amps to drive additional tweeters, woofers and sub woofers. In a 3 channel system the tweeters would handle the highs and a sub would handle the lows while the 901s would handle mid range which they are best suited for. In a 4 channel system the 901's would handle the mid highs, and a woofer would handle the mid lows in addition to tweeters and a sub. 3. One could add 2 more 901s to simulate a Bose Super 901. You could add 901s of the same series OR paired 901 Is and IIs will work together as will as IIIs and IVs and Vs and VIs. The ultimate enhanced system would be a combination of a #2 4 channel Crossover and #3 where a Quad amp powers the 4 901s handling the mid highs. For example: I have my Pioneer SA 9800 integrated amp split with: Pioneer SA 9800 pre-AMP > Pioneer D-23 4 channel Crossover Crossover > SA 9800 power Amp (100 w/c) > 2 front Optimus Linaeum ribbon tweeters Crossover > Pioneer QC 800a pre-Amp/Decoder > QM 800a power Amp > 4 Bose 901 IVs Crossover > Pioneer Spec 4 power Amp (150 w/c) > 2 Bose B1 with 2 5.75" woofers each Crossover > Pioneer Spec 2 power Amp (250 w/c) > 2 Bose B2 with 2 10" sub-woofers each
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