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  1. Bozak Listener Series specs 30 cm woofer Bozak Mid and tweeter- Audax Freq response- 28-20,000 +\-3 Sensitively 92db (1v/1mt) Impedence 8 ohm weight 20kg i just broke mine out for an upcoming party. Driving them with Hafler dh200 amp and hafler 101 pre amp These are going back into service. They sound amazing compared to all the micro speakers. so warm and really come alive if you push them. i picked mine up in 1980 right at the dock at the Bozak factory 587 Connecticut Ave Norwalk CT. my brothers girlfriend best friend worked there and got me a great discount. these are very nice vintage speakers. mine have 9/79 and 2/80 date codes. i had an issue with the tweeters in the late 80s or 90s and brought them to Glastonbury ct to the factory for repair. They were really great and replaced drivers and tested everything. i believe this was actually the NEAR factory after Bozak sold to them. these sound great- no sub needed like the small speakers nowadays. after firing them up and cranking Steely Dan- i now realized how kind my parents were back then. Im shaking the pictures on the walls here!
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