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  1. Dear members, I just saw these woofers and someone said they are very earlier series ar1 woofers. Could you kindly help to advice ? Do these woofers need to restore for its normal workings thanks
  2. Dear Glenn appreciate for your details information by the way, could i ask for what’s kind of material made in front terminal strip ( aluminum or plastic or any kind?) I would like to ask because I tried to re-connect aluminum lead to that terminal but it doesn’t work. Should I remove that terminal strip and connect the lead directly? in the second picture, I saw the yellow dots is very little, I don’t know whether it’s normal or abnormal things compared to 3rd picture which you can see the yellow dot is much bigger?? sorry as i’m really newbie and need the support, thanks a lot
  3. Dear members, i have pairs of ar3 speakers with tweeters and mid-range have aging and less elastic “yellow dots” . I know this is because speakers were produced from long time ago. I would ask if anybody can help to advise how to recover elastic of these dots or any alternative glue can be applied to bring it back with ultimate operations as it had. i would wait for your advice with thanks some picture below
  4. Hello, could someone can help to tell me what ‘s kind of these speaker wooden? What’s production time could be for those speakers? is there any ar3 series could be made before this or not? And how quality of such speakers up to now? Should I send them to clean or restore anything to make sounds close to production time as much as possible? ( now they are still working ) thanks for your advice
  5. Dear Tom and all it would be very nice to see your comment . Now, I’m coming back to happiness with good ar3 pairs appearance . Thank a lots
  6. Today, i found a interesting on guarantee sheet stick behind cabinets without any signature by tester and inspector for both speakers as it should have. Does it any sense for you? link: https://xfl.jp/pKq2fe
  7. That’s a confident explaination for me. Thanks a lot for that. i have a small question when you said “..even the numbers on the labels could be made in the factory, beyond the normal numbering...”. Could it means ar factory have another internal running number beside the serial number before ship out to customer?
  8. Thank you Genk. Why I posted here is I really need your well-known on Ar speakers than me to clarify these speakers have any fake issues or not. Since I have to pay usd3,500 and get back for something going wrong then better I have to return it. From my last pictures upload links. I suspect that all drivers have been put in later cabinets even you can see wax- capacitors was replaced by oil-capacitor as the wax-capacitor positions and holder still there. From last picture, I found the oval-hole inside of cabinets that someone try to hide it by earlier terminal strip..ect... @tysontom Do you also think this is a potential fake? Very much thank you all for support me to clarify this...
  9. Thank Tom Tyson i attached more pictures. Seems i didn’t find any date stamped on tweeters and woofer. https://xfl.jp/rhFqM6 one thing I need your help to clarify since I found a hole inside of cabinet where close to tweeters driver. Are these cabinets same as ar3 later rather than earlier ?
  10. Thanks Giorgio. By the way, my friend is asking what’s happen when he remove the white glue arround mid range speaker? Could you help? thanks
  11. I’m wondering how can you know the pairs is low series number
  12. Hello Tyson really appriciate for prompt and details reply i attached here is the link for more picture https://xfl.jp/vm1nUL I think the series number should be the fake one as per your findings. But i just curiously why people doing this fake?
  13. Hello... I just bought pair of ar3 speakers as the picture as link .https://xfl.jp/xVW1gw Could someone help me some concerns as:? 1. Looking to front side, which possible production year could be? 2. Looking to series number: is it correct one or fake series number to these speakers? 3. As the series number is closed for both speakers? But the cabinets are different, why? Thank you very much https://xfl.jp/xVW1gw
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