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  1. Finally found info. that included a factory spec. tag "Model A25X" (in 3 languages) English below. FR...32-20,000...Power 35 Watts....Music Power 90 Watts....Sensitivity 88db(hard to read) 8 Ohm 20" x 11.5"W x 10"....18 lbs. Must be a very early model(I haven't been able to access manufacture dates) Looks like ScanSpeak drivers. Anybody have these? Sound great to me..... You?
  2. RTally, That's them....... Same condition ..... tweeter offset to the right on both.... SR(and numbers) stamped in woofer face frame. In 2ch. stereo setup I'm liking the the + treble setting, with subwoofer set at 60HZ, and very liitle gain. You? Thanks! M
  3. R, These are obviously configured like the Audiokarma Thread. Tip them to their upright position....Woofer on Bottom, tweeter above it, Port above tweeter. Thanks! D
  4. I'm auditioning a pair of A25's with Port on top, woofer on bottom. I'm not seeing any configured that way. what gives? Walnut, Made in Denmark, 8 ohms, nice shape. Info please.....Thanks!
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