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    Why so rare?

    Hey. Hi there Kent. Really lovely that you wrote back! I appreciate it greatly. ok. I shall get the speakers out of their storage and start taking pictures. I promise! I really have a strong desire to restore these loudspeakers. AND I’ll soon have a great place to enjoy them in use. Talk with you soon. All the very best from Oz.
  2. Tandoora

    Why so rare?

    Hi Everyone, I have very little idea of how this forum works or even if it’s still working! But I’ll give it a red hot try.... My late wife was a classical musician here in Australia. She later joined the MELBOURNE Symphony Orchestra in a management roll. Before I met her she somehow managed to buy a pair of Cizek Model 1 loudspeakers and I now have them without any clue as to what they were or their place in the world of serious sound. But the penny is starting to drop. I really want to restore them! They are both running but the switching in the crossover controls has become noisy and intermittent. The cabinets need some TLC and so do the cloth fronts. Ive almost finished building a fine woodworking studio here on my largish block of land. Friend of mine is a gifted luthier and will be able to use this facility to repair and construct new violins and violas in the space. My plan is to have the Cizek 1’s running while we work in the studio. I will probably power them with a restored Leak Stereo 60 With Varioslope Stereo and Quad FM 3 tuner. So here I am hoping to absorb as much inspiration and knowledge about these loudspeakers so I can run them while I work and remember my oboist wife and her choice of musical equipment. Is anybody still out there? Hoping to hear. Dale Bromley Blairgowrie, Australia
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