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  1. Roy, Your answer is as expected. Gratifying to have you chime in. Same to you JK on both accounts I am especially proud to own several pairs of the sixes. Learning what HK said after I bought some of these speakers was pretty cool, loved them instantly when I first heard them. I know I'm pretty foolish to try and improve on his design. My high frequency hearing is poor, very. I guess I'm trying to compensate.
  2. Sir... you are on it. I continue to view your historical writings and see that you continue to be very active and as knowledgeable as anyone probably, at my level anyway you are and have been for quite some time my reference and I thank you.
  3. Hi, guys a little bit off topic but I am considering the small, round Heil tweeters into an unmodified KLH 6. It happens to be a direct drop-in fit. Any comments would be appreciated, thanks!
  4. What is the risk for any damage to any of my components and what do I need to avoid doing that will damage the loud speakers with this mod? I am simply wanting to try it and see what it sounds like. Many thanks to all of those that replied!
  5. My main concern is the potential for damaging hardware. Incidentally I am told that these particular tweeters go quite low. I don't know what anything else you said means. Ohm, I don't even know Um's Law. Seriously, bro I don't know how to solder.
  6. Thanks, apparently you understand but I do not see the beginning of my question which says I'm going to use a substitute tweeter. (Seems to have disappeared during my edit process which I did not realize, sorry.) So what about driving these lovely speakers with something like what shows 75 watts on the meters of an 80 watt receiver please also, guys?
  7. From tempest series PS-8, measures 4 ohms. Intend to do no modifications but will use one amp fuse inline and a Sansui 8080. What do you guys think? It is a direct fit; will drop right in. Also, what about the same thing with an AR 2ax? I have done this before with a Polk RT 16 with excellent results.
  8. Can't seem to reach you.
  9. Need 3/4" dome for AR 2ax... Thanks!
  10. Seeking tweeters for ADS L780, first iteration. Unsure of part number. Is it to 206 - 0117? Cannot afford to have rebuild by Richard $o.
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