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  1. I heard a couple of terms here that stuck in my mind and they are lively quote and flat quote. That's probably the most important statement in the writing, the reasons for that might be obvious. I think that speaks of the differences between the east coast and the West Coast sound, (ugh) in other words engineering goals and speaker design goals or voicing or whatever some of you may prefer to call it. Then of course someone alluded to the fact that some of the components, the tweeters I guess, have been degraded in one of the set of speakers which of course trumps everything, there is no way a valid subjective audition could be done given that, unless it was stated from the outset that you were going to compare a pair of speakers with degraded tweeters to a different pair of speakers with up-to-speed tweeters. If another driver were added to one of the pairs then of course they would not be the same speakers as designed, ditto if they were redesigned with a different circuit or a different component. Then there's the idea of newer technology if the jbl's are from a later era. My two cents. Oh, right... Location, location, location.
  2. Ah! Yes, I have seen this before but forgot about it. Thank you.
  3. Thanks, I have it loose on my shelf that I can't remember which cabinet it came from. If it has the same DCR measurement as a silver one would that be any indication as to whether or not it is a perfect match? How does one tell, otherwise?
  4. I bought a pair with one black tweeter. What's the story?
  5. Hi guys, Who knows where I can get some of the pins for the 2ax? Hopefully they won't be the ones that will eventually in a humid environment bleed rust onto the fabric. Thanks!
  6. You guys are amazing.
  7. Hi guys, I opened a pair of 2ax and 1 has a short, square magnet and the other a tall round one. Which is the best and why? Thanks!
  8. So the craft store stuff is solvent-based?
  9. Aha, thanks. And I shudder to think how many surrounds on various speakers from different makers have been ruined by people using watered-down caulk, watered down Aileen's or Permatex or some other product to seal them. Man am I glad I waited until I listened to all of you guys... Incidentally the proper stuff is only thinnable with tolulene I believe?
  10. Hi, 1. I have what appear to be a Roy C type modded pair of these that have the terminals taped over, rivet-like terminals like the ones shown here instead of the pus in types. Does that mean my loudspeakers were built in Holland? What's the story on those differences? 2. Also, the white glue for the surrounds you are referring to... Is that the typical white glue that most people use for woodworking projects? I have some Bose 300 ones that I'm going to do as my first ever refoam job as practice for my ARs, ahem, and have been wondering what adhesive to use. 3. I have a pair of 2axs with mismatched woofers...one has a short square magnet with a sticker that says it is a factory replacement and a Masonite ring, the other has a conical taller magnet. Which woofer is preferable? Thanks!
  11. Have followed several members here for about 20 years, none more closely than Roy. So many reasons! Mainly because he's the, THE...iconic hero and champion of my only real hobby now. Hats off to you, my friend! We are all sooo grateful.
  12. "Good" means different things to different people. The 8080, to me, sounds good regardless of what setting one uses. All things being equal, which of course they never are, I run everything flat as a rule, regardless of the equipment maker. that's related to why I prefer what's known as the East Coast sound over what's sometimes called West Coast. I have diminished sensitivity of high frequencies in my left ear so I tend to run things a little hotter on the left side (West Coast, lol?) and attenuate accordingly frequencies at the left speaker only. I do not use equalization because I believe it complicates the signal path. I guess things sound "good" to me that way. Or at least better than they would otherwise. Having said all that does not mean I never change things, including my microphilosophies..or mood. What I described is what you might call my macrophilosophy. I just dig Vilchur and Kloss shit. And I don't even have any that's been recapped. Yet.
  13. Note to self... Do your homework before approaching people that matter. It occurred to me that I never tested the pots to see if they actually were offline on these modded speakers, they are. Turning causes no sound differences. Also found that at least one of the tweeters are inop with toilet paper tube. Figured I'd take things apart and photo things. Will send you the pics, Roy. All appears well except some areas where wood screws used in t nuts...!...referring to tweeters and mids but there seems to be good sealant and intact. Woofers seem tight with machine screws and t nuts are tight. Caps look new and have Dayton printed on them. Will send photo of values, etc. Tweeter backs have a slice of cardboard buffer...?...piece of styrofoam and what appear to be somewhat recently wound bright shiny copper coils. Curiously, to me, pots seem to have intact connections all throughout except for one tab. No screening behind woofer and insulation maybe old style original? Now the kicker. Put everything back together, removed jumper wire and connected leads to terminals one and t as opposed to one and two... and the tweeter works. Put jumper wire on and still working. Mid-range still screaming but turned down middle tone control on receiver. Adjusted treble to reasonable range to minimize sibilance. Voila. I have no idea what the hell happened before. The only thing I can guess is that the jumper wire to the t terminal was not tight when I several weeks ago fully auditioned the speakers and I had the leads connected to terminals one and two. When I first got these making the trade for the equipment I had the first thing I did of course was test the tweeters and they worked. Then I quickly put the speakers away and made the trade. So. I can easily deal with tightening the drivers to the cabinet and making sure we are airtight. At this point my question is...do I need screening behind the woofers and will pantyhose or something like that work? I'll send you the pictures Roy and we'll get started on the rebuilds for the 3/4 inch lovelies as our time allows. Sheesh.
  14. Oh no! As I have feared may happen, I have clearly been misunderstood by virtually everyone. I would never second-guess anyone here. Never.
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