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  1. Rereading this, thanks you guys. The crossover is 15,000 not five.
  2. I would like to know what a good test record is for assessing my hearing please.
  3. Right. The guy had the gear up on Facebook marketplace for 2 hours, I contacted him, an hour later he answered. I replied to his answer, no response. The next morning I saw that he had sold them. Someone probably offered him a thousand bucks.
  4. It seems there are some of these that I may have put too much dope on. What does one do? And how can one tell if that's what's been done? On the return speed, how slow is slow? How does one know if the fabric pores are completely sealed, maybe pull them and hold them up to the light? Would 80% visible light through the fiber be acceptable or would that be too much?
  5. Jim Pearce

    12.5 question

    You guys are amazing.
  6. Have a chance to get this combination for 250, what do you guys think? One of the tweeters are blown. Are these speakers really worth 2000 bucks?
  7. Jim Pearce

    ADS L1590

    Super happy to find this thread, I have a pair of these and had no idea they would be included in the class of loudspeakers featured by this page. Thank you all very much for your writings!
  8. Also, to shift gears a bit, what about running one pair of a speakers at the same time as running one pair of b from that 80w receiver that's been rebuilt...Polk rt16 plus ads L1290?
  9. Yeah, I've wrecked many tweeters with a 20-watt Marantz. Would you say then that it is safe to run this receiver up to let's say 50 to 70 watt output? Aside from a low-powered receiver, what do you think the second greatest risk scenario would be?
  10. Jim Pearce

    Pushing the KLH 6

    I would like to get some thoughts on pushing the KLH 6 into the 70 watt range with an 80w rebuilt Sansui 8080. I will be running the tweeter attenuators at the extended setting. not sure which version these are but they have not been reworked except to have the woofer surround doped with the proper solubilized butyl material. Also, please tell me where I can find which version they are based on the serial numbers. As usual, thank you all very much!
  11. I would like to get some thoughts on pushing the ar2ax to the 70 watt range with an 80 watt Sansui 8080. The speakers have foam surrounds and have been entirely rebuilt about 6 years ago, they have the red phenolic dome tweeters. I will be running the pots about 3/4 of the way up on the tweeters and probably slightly less than half on the mids.
  12. Yes, I understand that. I'm working on it. at one point I pulled a woofer and pushed some of the stuffing a side and shot some pics but I don't think they came out very well or I could not send them by email or something happened I'm not sure what if you want to meet my friend from Vietnam you can see him on Facebook his name is Chuong Thai. I have told him about our discussions here and have asked and been granted permission to spread his name around.
  13. Okay, now we are getting to the meat of it. I understand that the black bullet tweeter is considered a super tweeter and affects only the ultra-high ranges. I've been sometime ago told by an audiologist that in my left ear I cannot hear anything over 14,000 cycles and by this time I'm pretty sure that has fallen substantially and my right ear is probably in that range...or less. Regarding the need for a super tweeter, I ascribe to the philosophy and its validity of a thing known as psychoacoustics, a frequency range that is perceived but not heard. I think the human brain is capable of doing and knowing far more than we will ever know...off topic, but that is why I am so captivated by the Heil tweeter and having these tweeters restored. Roy, I tried to send you a photo of the internals to determine if the pots are properly wired but apparently you could not tell because of the poor quality of the photo or maybe it was due to the email issue I am having. I understandhat having them functioning is absolutely critical, on a number of levels including adjustments for placement of the loudspeaker. I realize there's no comparison between these and the 1290s, I guess my post was in a way and oblique way to get some opinions on those. So thank you for that, thank you for the opinions. I guess I could say that I am wanting to hear the 2ax in a state resembling its original because I want to know what all the hubbub is about. although they were working at one point I've only been able to listen to them through a low-power 20w receiver. Based on that I may work to get some 3as. The 1290 domes need to be reworked as well so truth be told I am not even hearing them in their as intended state. it seems that what I am getting from you guys is that if I had to make a choice between the two loudspeakers the 1290s would be the ones to pick, in general terms. Maybe I should get rid of these three pairs of acoustic research loudspeakers. Two pair of the three quarter inch bullet tweeters as well as a pair of orange dome Ben Hecht United Speaker domes that have been used in some McIntosh loudspeakers have been taken to Vietnam by a friend of mine that went to engineering school for loudspeakers at age 14, I can hardly wait to get those JCPenney MCS giants up and running! You can see various posts that I've made on them audiokarma, they are the 8228. Probably will get lots of TL DNRs...so what say yous? That is, by the way, a south side of Chicago soft s.
  14. My hearing is very poor. I have had long-term exposure to backpack blowers and front row seats with very loud guitars for a very long time. Right now I am running ADS 1290s and wonder what people think about my 2axs compared to the 1290s. I'm driving everything with a Sansui 8080 but heavy options of a Yamaha ax 900 as well as a Paras sound RCA 1206. So I guess I'm asking people what they think of what configuration might be the best quote unquote. Maybe I should try the acoustic research stacked like some people do with the Advents. Please avoid feedback along the lines of whatever sounds best.
  15. I simply want to know what other people's opinions are regarding the sound of the speakers after they have done what you have suggested. I am mainly interested in what people think the sound is like compared to other speakers, even new technology. I guess I am looking for newcomers to classic speaker pages that have heard the speakers as rebuilt with your mods. I am sure your recommendations on modifications are very popular because the tweeters are so hard to come by. We havetalked about this before and I mentioned that the mid-ranges are shouting. I'm wondering if anyone agrees and if they suspect that that characteristic indicates something is wrong as you mentioned. I am not sure if you recommended that the attenuators be part of the circuitry so that output on the midranges and tweeters can be adjusted.
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