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  1. The older Studio Reference towers were a tad bright, but over about 10 years and 5 revisions they dialed them in nicely. They have never had the bass energy though. An M & K sub works pretty well in my system. Glad to hear you are getting enjoyment out of your 90’s. I would love to spend some time listening to a properly restored pair. They are a very nice speaker for sure. I longed for a set of those like nothing else when they were new and for many years later. Who knows, I may still end up with a pair. 🙂
  2. Thank you for your opinion. It is what I was afraid I would hear. I wanted AR90’s so bad 40 years ago and now that I can finally afford them, I am thinking I may be in for a bit of a let down if I were to obtain them and restore. I realize it is not fair to compare them to new technology, but I don’t think I can retrain my ears after years with the Paradigm’s. They are a very good imaging speaker for sure. One of the things that made the AR’s so magical was the bass extension. Back then there werent any powered subs. At least none that I ever heard.
  3. Hello Are there any AR90 owners who have heard Paradigm Studio towers? Like later model 60’s or 100’s? How would you compare the sound between these two towers? I used to sell AR’s about 40 years ago and I remember that they were very nice, but I am concerned about the top end possibly being too laid back for my current taste? I am considering buying a pair to restore, but I have no way to listen to them to be sure I will love them. I know they are very good and very accurate. We had 90’s and 9’s hooked up to a 150W ch. SAE amp and they sang very nice. I have a great sub, but I miss that incredible bottom end and warm signature they have. Patrick
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