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    I own ads M-20, since early 1990. My system start with Sony DAS-r1a, both Transport & DAC, my Preamp Jeff Rowland Consumate coupled with Mark Levinson Power Amp. Total sound slightly soft, with ehm..just enough bass. I'm not a very critical audio fan, I'm more concern to the music. So for yerars, I just turn it on, and listen to the music. But...few months ago, I broke my tweeter diaphragm when I try to clean the driver. And since I can't find original tweeter Replacement, I just Ribbon tweeter (since many years, I always amazed by this ribbon type sound especially compare to my ads soft edge sounds). And now, my System sound dramatically different with the presence almost unlimited high frequency filled the air of my listening room. I missed for years the live sound of cymbals..
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