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  1. E&M = Electricity and Magnetism In photos the CSW 6 tweeter looks very similar to the Ensemble tweeter except for the mounting plate. I can also see the overall resemblance between the CSW 6 and some of the old KLHs. The CSW 17, though, looks much different. Although I was keen to do some metalwork, you’ve made a good case for masonite. The biggest problem with it is getting to a home improvement store in the current situation. MDF would be too thick. Nice job on those Ambiances.
  2. Thanks for your suggestions. I have contacted Roy. I may redo the tweeter mounts in masonite, aluminum, or non-magnetic stainless. It’s been a long time since I took E&M, but putting these together, they don’t feel right.
  3. Whoops! They are 17s. Not sure where the missing 2 went in my brain. I updated the post.
  4. Hi. I’m new here and have a few projects. This is the main one I’m working on now. When I got these from an estate sale, everything looked original except for the tweeters, which are probably auto parts and are mismatched. At least one of them was poorly/not sealed. Inside, the caps were the red-and-black ones including the weird double 2 µFs. I replaced all the caps (Solen metallized polypropylene from Madisound) and resistors. Original tweeters being a bit of a luxury, I read elsewhere that Henry Kloss had recommended the tweeters from Cambridge Ensembles as a substitute. I found a pair of those for relatively cheap on ebay and have cut metal installation plates to fit them into the 17’s larger tweeter opening. (They now have screw holes not shown in the 2nd photo. The 3rd photo is current as I post this.) The plates are steel and very attracted to the magnet. Could that be a problem? I read Roy has speaker dope. How do I contact him? I feel like I should put gaskets between the tweeter and the plate and between the plate and the box. Any suggestions on what to use for that? Any other thoughts?
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