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Found 3 results

  1. Need 3/4" dome for AR 2ax... Thanks!
  2. Hello all. Haven't had much time lately. Here in Southern New Hampshire we have had unrelenting snow and cold for the past month! I sell snow blowers for a job and it has been a very busy time. I have not had much time to myself for audio stuff, but today I finally had some. Sometime ago I acquired yet another set of 2ax speakers in reasonable overall minty shape. Serials 168724 label intact and the other the label was strategically ripped and the stamp number is gone. The set is very similar, same drivers etc. so I think it is safe to assume 168??? or something close. I start taking the drivers out to access the xo, and yes the surrounds need to be replaced. I have not done too many refoams but enough to be comfortable with it. A couple of observations while cleaning up the old foams. There was a distinct soft and almost moist feel to the broken down foam. Others I have done seemed more dry and crusty sort of. Maybe I am losing my mind. All I know is the more i do this the more interesting it becomes. I have three different sets of 2ax and they are all distinctly different. Three different styles of tweeters, one the drivers are flush mounted on the baffle, the other two are recessed and on and on. Here is an enhanced pic of the backside of the mid, what does this tell us? and might as well throw in a pic of the tweeter which I am going to leave in place for now. I will isolate it and test it to be sure it is worthy. The less I fuss with that wire the better! So back to the woofer. After cleaning it up there is still a notable ridge of glue around the whole cone. Should I worry about this before refoaming commences? I have heard using acetone to carefully remove old glue, but a smidge concerned about the perceived "moist" feel of the cones edge. Thoughts? A two dimensional pic doesn't really give you depth but again it is a raised ridge of glue about 1/4" in on the cone. So as I ponder these things, I figured I would cut out the old dust cap and start preparing for foam! Then I saw this... which doesn't look good to me. Also, I have no background with this. Is this fatal? Can this be fixed? Can I fix it? Don't really even know what I am looking at but the amount of wire that is showing doesn't look like it would fit back in where it came from! Geoff
  3. I recently won a pair of the original cast aluminum framed, cloth surround 2ax woofers on eBay. The arrived two days ago and I tested and installed them today. They replaced a mis-matched pair of woofers, one a stamped steel AR woofer and another of unknown lineage - both had been reformed and were VERY noticeably stiffer than the aluminum framed pair. While at it I cleaned the pots - pleasant surprise was that they were in great shape (compared to many others I've seen). One speaker had the correct AR 8 ohm replacement tweeter, the other had its original tweeter with the three dollops of orange goop equally spaced at the dome's periphery. I set up sine and pink noise sources and it quickly became apparent that the original tweeter, while showing the right voice coil DC resistance, was DRAMATICALLY low in acoustic output. Fortunately I still had one spare replacement 2ax-appropriate AR tweeter. I kept the front post terminal connections since there was no slack in the tweeter wires and, with the woofer already sealed, I didn't want the awkwardness of soldering or crimping extensions to the wires. With all parts in place, the two speakers measured equivalently acoustically and they're now back in position and sounding GREAT! I also have two pair of AR-3a but these 2ax, driven by a Sansui AU-919 I recently put back into service, have clarity in vocals that, at least today, make the 3a seem just slightly obscure by comparison. A very happy outcome for little time and very little money.
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