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Found 1 result

  1. Maybe you guys can help me make sure I get this right. Shouldn't be difficult but there may be some things you might offer up as I go here. As you may recall from my AR9 thread, while the 4 woofers all worked, they had been refoamed along the way. Rather oddly as can be seen in the photos. Almost like they put them on upside down just to get them to fit. Must have not had the correct surrounds. I removed the old surrounds on 2 of the drivers last night. Came off fine, but I will scratch at the edges a little more maybe. I like to use a dull exacto blade to help as I go. Since these were replacements they weren't as deteriorated as we often see when removing old foams. Plus it's the 2nd coat of glue. Otherwise these cones are pretty tough and I really wasn't worried about them as I went. I dont think I want to use rubbing alcohol pr acetone on the cone edges unless you guys think I can. They are pretty smooth now. You will also see the staining on the cone of the one as well as the associated surface corrosion on the frame that I will have to clean up. Would still like some ideas on how to clean the cones if possible. The woofers on the AR9's are of course down low on the sides of the cabinet and these no longer had the grilles so were exposed to lord knows what. Could even be cat urine although no smell. Now I also am wondering about the cardboard ring that is attached to each frame. I assume those are not supposed to be there? Something the previous effort added to make those other foams fit. Both rick Cobb and Tom at myaudioaddiction have the correct surrounds for these and both suggest using the test tone for centering so you don't have to get into the dust cap and coil. I have had nothing but great results with that in my other refoams. Btw, these all tested good at 2.8- 3.0 ohm
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