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Found 2 results

  1. All-- New here. What prompted joining was the recent acquisition of what appeared to be an absolutely pristine pair of KLH Model Seventeens, in their original shipping boxes. The cabinets and everything appear so untouched that I might have thought they were never used. Alas, getting nothing from the tweeters. So I will be rebuilding the crossovers, according to a couple very helpful threads here. My question: I do get an impedance reading from the tweeters (which, I take it, indicates that they are not completely blown); however, one measures 3.7 to 3.8 ohms, and the other 4.4 to 4.5 ohms. Is the difference significant, something to be concerned about? Indicate damage? Serial numbers are 032803 and 032816. There are no date indications (or any script) on the tweeters. One surprise: the tweeter leads were not soldered to the leads from the crossover, but only (well) mechanically connected with the screwcaps. Would this indicated that they are replacements? I am certain, in any case, from comparison with various photos on this forum, that they are the correct KLH period-specific tweeters. Thanks much, Nordfinn
  2. I would be grateful to anyone who could sell me a KL:H tweeter from one of the following models (all these models use the same tweeter): Model 6("late style") Model 17 Model 20 Model 20+ Model 33. I understand that there might also be a compatible tweeter in one of the "Ensemble" speakers from CSW. I have a pair of Model 33 speakers, and one has a dead tweeter. My understanding is that they are all identical, so I only need to buy one. (I.E. No need for a "matching pair" as they all match each other. But it might be easier to find a pair.) Thanks, scott
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