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Found 1 result

  1. Hi i have been going thru this forum as a passive member for quite a while, i am from India and luckily I have a pair of OLAs with masonite woofers. I found that the woofer cones were not that of the original large advents-I know how they look by the pictures i see in the internet-the purple ribbed ones. The surrounds are also not the right ones.Inspite of all this the OLAs still sound great. As iam a analogue audio guy , my primary source of audio is LPs then cassette tapes and lastly CDs.My amplification is thru mono block tube amps(mullard 5-20 circuit) and my pre too is mullard tube pre.I have gone thru quiet a lot of speakers but i love the sound of the advents.I love them so much that iam all set to import another pair of them from the US.As i cannot buy directly from eBay to India iam using www.borderlinx.com to ship them for me.Its roughly gonna cost around 500USD for shipping only plus the cost of the speakers and their shipping inside the US. Anyway i want to get my existing pair to the right state, there are 2 options as i know, one is buying a recone kit from ( http://www.simplyspe...k-advent10.html ) cause i did not find any other vendor online selling "recone kits for advents"., option 2 would be buying a used pair of masonite woofers from eBay. The first option is better for me cause shipping is easy and i have a good speaker repair guy locally. Now, is the recone kit form simplyspeakers ok? or buying a original used pair form ebay is right. Kindly bare in mind that I have developed much respect to this man Henry E Kloss for his design and attitude towards engineering for audio, so i would go to any extents to get the original Henry’s intended sound of these speakers. And I myself believe more on audio designs of the 60s and 70s rather than the new age ones. Sorry its just my own opinion.If i go for buying a total woofer from ebay i want to stick to the masonite ringed ones. Kindly guide me , iam very grateful that i have this forum and experienced guys like you , hope Pete's expertise and Doug's friendliness will help people like me all around the world. The other pair i have planned to import is to have the much acclaimed "Double Advent system”. Hope to have the "New large advent" as the second pair , dunno ,iam just greedy to have the best of both OLA and NLA , i believe this has to be posted on another topic. Kindly bare with me for the rather long post, as this is my first post here please let me know if iam doing anything wrong.Thanks
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