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Found 12 results

  1. HI People. I am happy to become a new member of this group. I feel completely out of my depth. I have for a long time wanted to return to playing vinyl and today on a whim I have taken the plunge and purchased (E bay) a AR Turntable. This is the first piece of equipment i have bought. I cannot stress to you how new I am to all of this , I just want to get some decent sounds and I am by no stretch of the imagination as audio tech as you guys. I have a couple of questions. I will of course need an amp, I have no idea which would be a good choice. I am really not looking for anything out of this world, so if any of you have any good suggestions I would seriously welcome your advice. I do not want to spend a fortune. I assume I need an integrated amp ? Then I will also need some decent sounding speakers, I am only going to be listening to vinyl in my small lounge. I have had a look at some vintage AR speakers . The AR turntable I have bought might have an old k9 Linn cartridge, the seller said it may have a Linn arm or Jelco. I cant be more specific because it seems he does not know either. I am thinking maybe speakers A-6 (AR) might be ok ? I do not have a massive budget and am purchasing within UK. I really hope someone here can help me with my questions, I would be very appreciative of even the faintest clue of what to match with my new (to me) turntable. Michelle
  2. Hi, I am looking for some information on these speakers if anyone knows anything about them please. I can't find reference to them anywhere.
  3. Has anyone heard the new AR speakers? I have them on the web site, but it is really in infancy both as web layout and marketing
  4. Greetings! Today bought Dynaco A-45 for 150 Euros, i hope they'll arrive this year. Anyone can tell something good about them? I have those with two 8" midbass and one tweeter. Maybe some recommendations about XO tuning?
  5. You can make an offer on this pair AR 1MS speakers since I prefer selling to the classic speaker forum members They are also listed on eBay: item number 302360543351. So you can go there for more details. I can consider offers until there is actual bidding on them. Thanks George
  6. JBL L300 summit Monitor Speakers $3.400 the speakers are in original good condition.With original cone and voice coils or diaphragms. Play great music Please take a good look for all pictures. They are the home version of the classic 4333 studio monitor used in many recording studios in the eighties. Considered to be the pinnacle of classic JBL designs, the L300 is legendary in the audiophile community, with it's large volume cabinet and 136A 15" woofer, LE85 horn midrange, and 077 ring tweeter. These are outstanding sounding speakers producing sweet highs, smooth realistic midrange, and very strong and accurate bass with very little wattage required. Type: 3 way, 3 driver loudspeaker system Power Handling: 150W Crossover Frequency: 800, 8500Hz Impedance: 8O Sensitivity: 80dB Bass: 1 x 380mm Midrange: 1 x 25mm compression Tweeter: 79 x 18mm horn loaded Grille: blue, black, brown, camel Finish: oiled walnut Dimensions: 800 x 580 x 570mm Weight: 66kg karlhovel@gmail.com
  7. I found this set of speakers on somewhere. What model are they and what amount should i expect to pay for them? They are said to be in good condition but are around 12 years old the seller says. (images below)
  8. Marantz Series 2245 Receiver and Infinity 5000 Speakers for sale. Incredible sound. Selling Receiver for $250 and Speakers for $150.
  9. Hi, I have a pair of old speakers and I am struggling to find out the model. The tweeters are Seas H174, but not positive they are Seas speakers. Pictures attached. Also think they are from 1979. Thanks!
  10. This is a four-page brouchure that describes how to fuse all the various AR speaker systems up to and including (but not beyond) the AR-LST. You can find it here: http://archive.mgm51.com/library/AcousticResearch/
  11. Hi folks, Under the Library -> Acoustic Research -> "AR-9 Series (1978 - 1981)" there is an "AR-9 Series Manuals" link, and under that link there is a "AR-9 Manual" link. The manual is provided as 52 separate links to what appear to be scanned images of the pages. Is there any way to get a PDF of the entire manual as has been provided for other speakers in the library? Many thanks,
  12. Allison CD-6 Bookshelf Speakers Moving, need to sell nice speakers. $150 plus shipping. Will also include custom built shelving units, if desired.
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