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KLH 324

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Nope. How 'bout a picture? Are they ported?

The KLH name was sold a few times and many later model "KLH" speakers were KLH in name only. The ones we focus on in this forum are the early ones, generally from the '60s and 70s, made in Cambridge, MA. Most classic KLH speakers were 2-way acoustic suspension (sealed) speakers although there were some 3-way and 1-way and even a couple of ported ones.


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I have a pair of the pretty-much unheard of KLH-363s - Model 363 - see here:  http://www.audiokarma.org/forums/index.php?threads/klh-363.658160/#post-8995299

As you can see, 3-way acoustic suspension, approx. 10" woofer with cloth surrounds. Do your 324s resemble these?

The backs of my 363s do not look that far off from my older KLH-32s, so I'm sure a trace of Kloss DNA remained behind when mine were made.

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3 hours ago, Whatever18 said:

Got a correct number.....   354

Now those there is some info on. Do a Google search. And they're from Cambridge. Late '70s, Singer-era. aka the "Little Baron". Probably decent speakers.

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