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Hello! I am new here.

I have been into vintage audio for about 4 years, and in that time I have assembled three functioning turntable systems, two of which are in regular use.

I am currently putting together another system. I have owned a KLH Model Twenty-Seven stereo receiver for a couple years, and wanted to find a turntable with a very distinctive appearance to go with the Twenty-Seven's unique styling, and settled on a Philips GA-427. However, I have two parts units I am using to make one complete TT and will be re-finishing the wood plinth to match the Twenty-Seven. Work in progress.

For this setup, I have also recently aquired a pair of KLH Model Thirty-One speakers that I now know I paid too much for, as the woofers need replacing. But, life goes on. I have already located one original 8" woofer and am currently awaiting delivery.

I once swore I would never buy vintage speakers, (said the same about turntables, too!) but now here I am with a pair of KLH Model Thirty-One's that I am excited about reviving.

My, how things change...

System #1: Pioneer SX-850 stereo receiver, Pioneer PL-71 turntable / Shure V15 Type III cart with authentic Shure stylus VN35e, Klipsch R-15m speakers.


System #2: Pioneer SX-424 stereo receiver, Dual 621 turntable / Shure V15 Type IV cart with Russell EVG aftermarket stylus VN45e, Denon DVD-2800 (used as CD player), Klipsch R-14m speakers.


System #3: (in storage and for sale) Onkyo A-8150 stereo integrated amplifier, Philips AF-677 turntable / Philips GP 401 II "Super M" cartridge w/ JICO aftermarket stylus, Sony SS-B1000 speakers.


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Welcome to the CSP!

Those are some nice systems. I (we) look forward to seeing the KLH system too.

If you ever get the bug to build yet another system, a nice TT for a vintage setup is the AR XA (I have an original and two "in progress").


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