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Pete B

FS: AR-2ax Woofers, Mids, Tweeters, Everything

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I started to write this to offer the woofers out of these speakers to a few members who 

are looking for them.  But I might as well offer the rest of the systems.  I have a pair that

had very beat up cabinets that the previous owner started to prime for paint.  I took it 

further sanding the grain smooth and doing quite a few layers of primer to get them 

ready for paint.  They are not fully ready since you have to sand and fill any issues but

they are close.

I did this work probably 10 years ago just to salvage them.

All the drivers worked fine when I tested them 10 years ago, and I did not recap them

at the time.   I refoamed them at that time with the correct foam from a good supplier, I think

it was Simply Speakers.

I'll sell them whole or part them out.

One member needed woofers and mids so that seems like a good match, or is there anyone

who wants the entire speakers to finish them?

The woofers are 4 bolt stamped frame foam edge with soft cones and ALNICO magnets.

Offers for parts or the entire project?  More pics to come.

Pete B.



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Thanks Pete.I am just waiting for for an original early version with cloth surrounds.I spent so much time and effort to get them to this point,I am too stubborn to not complete them back to what they were before that dropping incident,thanks again,Rob

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OK Rob sounds good.  Did you get an answer from Roy about servicing that woofer?

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I've been asked if these would be "right" in an AR-5, anyone know?

Did the 5 ever ship with these foam edge, ALNICO woofers?

Edit:  Roy_c wrote this over at AK so it seems that they are correct and the ones 

most commonly used:

"rusomon is correct...The woofer with the dome is the first woofer used in the AR-5. The other is the second (and most common woofer), which was shared with the AR-2ax. It is possible the original woofer was replaced with the 2ax version, or you have a transitional specimen. (AR did not sell speakers to retailers as pairs.) The AR-5 was the first AR model to use a woofer with a foam surround.

There were just over 100,000 AR-3a's manufactured in the US, and nearly 50,000 AR-5's. The tweeters and mids appear the same, but the AR-5 has 8 ohm drivers, and the AR-3a drivers are 4 ohm. The crossovers design are the same, but the crossover component values differ.

Both versions of the woofer have alnico magnets. I believe the earlier woofer had a slightly larger magnet, and a slightly longer excursion. There should not, however, be a significant difference in sound between the two woofers. 

Very late production AR-5's and 2ax's were equipped with ceramic magnet versions of the woofer.


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I know that obviously the 2ax mids are not right in the 5, but are the 3/4" tweeters correct?

@RoyC  ?

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I've read that the 2ax 3/4" tweeter IS correct but I have front wired tweeters and the AR-5

that they might go into is rear wired, anyone have pictures/diagrams on the best way to

adapt them?

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