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RDL Acoustics F-1

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Picked up a great pair of RDL Acoustics F-1 this weekend.  A mere $80.

All is good with them.  May need new surrounds on the top woofers.  They are in-tact but in that stage of where it seems like you could put your finger through them.  No biggy.

Great cherry finish and overall styling with these, which I think Roy A. was pretty good about over the years.

Currently being driven by my fully restored Pioneer SA-9100 at 60/ch.  I will put them in the main system where I can go 240/ch SS or 35/ch tube and see what they do.  They seem a little in want of power.  Love Roy's tweeters.  

I feel fortunate to have a pair of these as they seem rare as hens teeth these days.  They proudly join My Allison Ones in the collection.

Hey from the Mountain Pacific Northwest!





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Definitely the nicest of version of the classic Allison models.   Those leads to the Tweeter are prone to corrosion but are easy to remedy and of course the foam softens to a crumble but also easy to remedy. ( I need to do both of these on my set,  since they've been sitting idle for a while).    Sadly I'm going to part ways with my Allison  Ones.   the cabinets have seen better days and I have other Restoration projects that are more important to me.  The RDL speakers will get a stay of execution for a little while after I get them all doctored up and back into the rotation. Then it'll be time to see them off as well.   

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