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Pete B

Winter 2019 FrankenFest - March 23 Sutton, MA

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Frankenfest is an audio fest/swap meet that has been going on for many years originally hosted by Frank (RIP) in Clinton MA.

It is organized by people on AudioKarma but we need more people so I am posting here also.  I probably posted too late

about the October 20th 2018 meet so I'm getting a very early start here for the March 23, 2019 Winter Frankenfest.

These are the general rules, $5 fee for main person rest of the family is no charge:

We have once again secured the American Legion Lodge in Sutton, MA for Saturday October 20th, 2018.

We have the room for 12 noon until 5 PM though "organizers" can show up early to help "setup".
The location is just off of route 146 south of the Mass Pike (I90) - so this should be a little bit closer for most of us versus Clinton.

Dudley-Gendron American Legion
156 Boston Rd
Sutton, MA 01590

Here's a link to a map:

There will be an Audiokarma  "Barter Town" thread listing gear that people plan to bring but you have to

subscribe to have access to it.  It is usually created a few months before the date.

For sellers:
As we saw last time there are tables available.
We should bring extension cords and power strips.

They have an ATM in the bar (could be dangerous, I know).

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I'll  be there if I can make it.  Wanted to go to the October event but missing a family event has a low WAF.

I'd like to  see and hear what others find worthwhile.  My systems are based around refurbished Large Advents (with Pete's BSC) and I want to hear something else for comparison.  Plus many of you guys seem to know a lot more than I do.

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Tell your friends, turn out was just okay.

We arrived a bit late and by the time we set up it seemed like half of the people had left.

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