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Design Acoustics D-4

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I've got a few potential curious thread topics a-cookin', so I guess I'll start with this one. Not long ago, two pairs of previously unknown-to-me Design Acoustics D-4 speakers came my way, and I am just trying to gather information-advice-opinions on them as I begin to explore and disassemble them for restoration efforts. D-A was a California enterprise which at some point was bought by Audio Technica, and some of the drivers used in various models will look familiar to some of you who have seen them used in other loudspeaker products from the era. All four of these speakers appear to date from 1975, according to stamped markings on the woofers.  

D-A made a few iconic odd-looking speaker models, but I personally think the original D-4 is very elegant: it measures 38"h x 17.5"w x 9.5"d, and my first impression was that it must have been partially influenced by the AR-MST - - at least the aesthetics, since it otherwise has few similarities with the AR product. The D-4 has five drivers: (2) small super tweeters located high on angled faces; phenolic ring tweeter low on front face; cone midrange higher up on front face; and 10" rear-firing woofer. The crossover seems to consist of two caps, seven resistors, and (2) two-position switches. Cabinet build quality is rather robust, but internal components are largely unimpressive. Will post more info as I dig further.

Two pics attached show the two sets of D-4's with AR-MST for comparison, and naked view of front side. First pic is mine; second pic is from the web. I am currently too sheepish to try to remove these grilles until there is absolute necessity. While some AR's (or KLH's) may be a bit difficult to crack open, these things are like breaking into Fort Knox.



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