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WTB - new AR 3 grill cloth

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I am in the process of restoring my AR 3 speakers and I am looking for anyone who might possibly have some new AR 3 grill cloth material that they would be willing to part with. I believe that I have found a source in Canada but the shipping cost is more than the material cost so before I go this route, I thought I would reach out to the AR Forum. Please send a personal message if you can help me out. 



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I have some, BUT, it's white, not the correct off white cream color. It's still rolled up in the box.

When I ordered it from Q Components in Canada, they sent me the wrong Saran, the white style. They re-shipped me the correct color which I used on my restoration, so I still have the white Saran. The weave is correct.

Let me know vie PM if you're interested.

Cheers, Glenn

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