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I know there are forums devoted to this topic but this is where I'm comfortable.

A friend/neighbor asked my advice on setting up his HT. I suggested getting the best Atmos-capable receiver from Onkyo or Denon and offered to sell him my AR-91s as the main front speakers. The room is an unfinished basement so he wants to pre-wire before sheetrocking. So here are my questions:

  1. What specific subwoofer(s) do you recommend? I see some good 10" and 12" powered subs (in fact I have a nice 10" RBH sub I'd sell him cheap) but the AR-91s have 12" woofers so I want to recommend something that will add the necessary BOOM when needed. 
  2. What center channel? IMHO the center is the most important speaker, since the dialog and everything else that's front & center will be there.
  3. Atmos uses a variety of surround and high speakers. In my own setup I use various vintage speakers but I understand there are speakers specifically designed as surrounds. Any recommendations here?

That's all for now. Thanks for any help.


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Lots of people with lots of knowledge on this topic at emotivalounge.proboards.com

Its not just about Emotiva products (some of which is very good). Emotiva allows talk on competitors gear.

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