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As Carl used to say, "it's all about the music."

So these pictures aren't of equipment. Our local public radio jazz station, WBGO, sponsored a trip to South Africa for the 2019 Cape Town Jazz Festival (along with tours of historic sites and a safari). It was a great experience with terrific fellow travelers. The performers weren't all what I'd call jazz--I think the emphasis was more on the "Festival". There were familiar performers such as John Scofield, the Gipsey Kings, Chaka Kahn and the Soweto Gospel Choir but we were also introduced to new (to me) performers such as Jonathan Butler, Alfa Mist and Gogo Penguin. Great fun!


2019 Mar 29_4541.JPG


2019 Mar 29_4536.JPG

2019 Mar 29_4540.JPG

2019 Mar 29_4557.JPG

2019 Mar 29_4560.JPG

2019 Mar 30_4502.JPG

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