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BOSE 901 SERIES V - speaker rot question

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Hello all,

I recently acquired some BOSE 901 series speakers at a very good price (about $80 including stands and EQ).

However, when I tested them there was noticeable distortion from one of the units. So after some reading I found out that speaker/driver rot is common in this model.

4 drivers need to be replaced - which I can do myself. 

But my question is... can I use the speakers with 4 drivers missing whilst I wait for the replacement drivers? I don't know much about impedence/resistance/power but I understand each driver is 1 ohm. Will this cause problems with my amp? Obviously the unit will not sound the best with only 4 out of 8 drivers working, but I don't mind so much. I just don't want to cause damage to the speakers (I don't care much about the amp as it's cheap and some of the functions don't work).

I have attached a picture of the speaker rot for reference.

I would also appreciate a good source where I can buy the replacement drivers.

Looking forward to your responses!




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Lots of folks out there happy to sell you new drivers, but you probably
don't need them. The foam surrounds can be replaced, at considerably
less cost. And if some are bad, all of them need to be done.

I wouldn't run the speakers at all. Too easy to damage drivers that need

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Welcome Charlie

Don't play the speakers until they've been repaired.

Foam surround rot is common to ALL speakers of that age, not just Bose. As dxho says, you can replace the surrounds. It's not difficult and people here can help. Here's a good source for repair kits: http://www.speakerworks.com/bose-801-802-901-902-speaker-repair-kit-p/swk425bose.htm

One kit will repair 9 drivers. Each speaker has 9 drivers. If 4 of the surrounds are shot, the others will soon follow.

Parts Express sells "Bose 901style" drivers for $20 each but they're not really Bose and replacing the drivers when only the surrounds are shot is foolish (I know this from experience. Live and learn).

If you absolutely can't do the surrounds yourself (sometimes life intrudes on our hobbies) you might let us know where you are and maybe another member can help you out. OR contact Bill LeGall. He's the acknowledged master speaker repair shop and a good guy http://www.millersound.net  You can give him a call.

Nice score on your part but don't rush into playing them without replacing the surrounds. It is possible, given the distortion you hear, that one or some drivers are already damaged but it's very likely just the surrounds.

btw, after all the drivers are working you may want to think about refurbishing the EQ. Just a thought.



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