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Ideas for Updated KLH Library Section

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Andy! You're the man for the concise history!

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I just lost the text I wrote ?? Anyway one more try - A concise paragragh might read;

In early 1957, Henry Kloss, Malcolm Low and Tony Hofmann left Acoustic Research and formed KLH Research and Developement with the intention of building high quality loudspeakers. By 1959 the audio press had taken notice and was very impressed by the company's products. Between 1960 and 1965 they expanded their product line to include high fidelity radios and modular phonograghs. With the purchase of KLH by Singer in 1964 came increased sales. Kloss stayed in charge of product developement until 1967 when he left to form Advent. Through the early 1970s KLH enjoyed a fine reputation for quality speakers and electonics which could be compared to products costing twice as much. A brochure from 1970 reads; "Dedicated to the consumer....for he likes to get value for his money."

With increased competition and the the diluted loudspeaker market of the 1970's - KLH was in decline and was sold to overseas interests in the late 1970s. The glory days were gone but not forgotten, for KLH products are being sought out and restored by dedicated collectors. The company had filled an important chapter in the heyday of high fidelity audio.

Just a draft of something which covers the basic KLH history.


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Hello all,

I'm readying a major update to The Classic Speaker Pages. I could use help in two areas as I prepare the new KLH section:

1.) A concise 1-2 paragraph biography on KLH

2.) Ideas on how (if) I can better organize the various classic KLH products

I am going to post a similar message in the other forums and will be pinning this topic in each. I realize we already have some bios in the Library, but I want to take a shot at a new bio that all visitors to the KLH section will see when they enter.



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