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Pete B

Large Advent Woofer Versions Masonite, New, Jensen

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The surround on the 2nd woofer is installed correctly. It looks like the "roll" is toward the front of the woofer, but it is, in fact, going toward the back of the woofer.

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That woofer looks like it was completely rebuilt with a new spider.  By eye, it looks

like the cup section of the spider is too tall.  A new bead of black glue can be seen at

the VC joint.  The Fs is quite high most that I redo with good foam and original spiders

are 16 to 18 Hz.  They should have an Fc of 41 Hz give or take a Hertz in system with

fiberglass installed.  All that I've refoamed fall into that range.

The dust cap should be a coated fabric material, that one looks like the much later

Jensen paper type.

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