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I am looking for information the Boston Acoustics T930 Series II speakers, any suggestion on sources?

We picked up a pair this afternoon.

Thank you


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The T930 II was a slight revision of the original T930. The 930 was introduced around 1987-88. It was a 10" 3-way acoustic suspension speaker , with a 6 1/2" midrange and a 1" soft-dome tweeter.

BA's design/engineering was extremely competent at that time, and the 930 was a very good, straightforward design. It had a gutsy, ever-so-slightly forward sound quality, solid bass into the mid-40's, and a relatively benign impedance that ensured good compatibility with mass-market receivers.

The Series II was identical to the original, except that the Series II inverted the tweeter and midrange (mid on top, tweeter below in the II), to improve its lobing characteristics. The Series II was intro'd around 1990, and stayed in the line until the VR20-30-40 floorstanding speakers replace the T Series (T830, T930 II, T1030) in 1994.

List price for the 930 and 930 II was $750/pr.

Steve F.

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I had been looking for shipping specifics for this speaker and BA Customer Service provided me with the following:

T930 II specs

Frequency response: 42-20000Hz

Nominal Impedance: 8 ohms

Sensitivity: 90 dB

tweeter: 1" CFT5 dome

Midrange: CFM 6 1/2" copolymer

woofer: 10" copolymer

Recommended Amplifier power: 15-150 watts

Crossover frequencies 350 Hz, 2500 Hz

Dimensions: 36 1/2" X 10 1/4" X 12"

933 X 267 X 305mm

Weight: 50 lbs. 23 kg

And from another entheisuast forum:

T930 II 90dB SPL 1W@1meter

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Not to "diss" Steve (or Andy Kotsotos, who did the original 930), but the Series Two was RADICALLY different than the original. The crossover topology of the Series II bore NO resemblance to the original. For both far- field (reverberant) and "near field" listening conditions, the sonic differences between the two were large enough to think one was listening to different brands. If I had to characterize these diferences, the original had that "concert hall" warmth, while the Series II was more "detailed" or "analytical".

The T830 also underwent a radical change in its crossover design (but retaining the original driver placement). I can’t remember if their was a model # change, but again, the audible differences were HUGE.

Regarding these very pronounced audible differences, I’m not saying which is "better". The best analogy I can give is comparing the AR3a to the AR 9/10/11 seies. Some prefer the "original 3a sound" to the newer ones. With no access to sales data, I couldn’t tell you if the "improved versions" did well or poorly in the stores. Off course, since I voiced the "improved" versions, I naturally believe the later versions were "better" ...LOL.

Of the three "towers", my personal favorite is the T830 (with the newer crossover)! It may not have the bass capabilities of its larger siblings but had the smoothest and most neutral sound in both the far and near- field. I’m theorizing it probably had better power response because of its smaller midrange driver. The 830 were also easier to move around for best placement. Add a powered sub and that would be MY ideal BA system for "stereo listening’ in it’s simplest form.

The irony of my post is I never OWNED any of the towers mentioned despite my "re-working" the crossovers ("voiced them"). Maybe someday!

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Very interesting to read about the change in x-over design on the T830. Please see attached link:

I noticed a big difference in the sound of the 'donor' pair vs. the pair that I've had since the early 90's. Is there a change in serial number or a date code that someone can look at to determine which version a pair fall under?

Was there any change in drivers? Or could someone simply swap out the crossovers to achieve the improvements?



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Regarding T 830: no change in drivers, just crossovers.

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