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just my two cents..

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i think it was put well in the post about the music teacher why the flagship 9 speakers sound so good. they reproduce sound being created in a room, not from a little box. They are an impressive design. i have considered getting an old set.

At the same time..

They aren't the best speakers ever, and aren't as great as they initially sound. I would challenge anyone who thinks so to listen to a pair of magneplanars, which reproduce soundfeild and the sound much much more accurately, and i say this having been in and around music my whole life. Then again, they require a huge room, are the size of big doors and cost a lot of money even used.

I don't know why people are so hot and cold on this companies stuff. They are a good speaker, with a incredibly innovative design. Bose has made a bunch of innovations and good speakers through the years.. At the same time, these lack good high frequency sounds and aren't that accurate, so what they charge for the new ones is highway robbery, especially for a design that hasn't changed much in many years.

I think part of the bashing of this company comes from the new practices they employ to sell stuff. they seem to be more interested in researching marketing then new speaker technology, and have so-so quality control. Then again some of their speakers are great for some applications, i have a set to watch movies with, they work great for that, but sound like a fisher price radio compared to my advent model 1s for music. The smaller systems have huge ranges of frequency's missing, (notice how their displays are always away from other speakers so you cant compare them). The smaller radios are impressive, but don't sound nearly as much like music as my tivoli radio. Some of the newer speakers are downright impressively bad. It seems like they ride on brand loyalty too much these days, and the assumption by everyone that "oh well that stuff is the best" They also seem to sue anyone who attempts to say otherwise..

a lot of people who buy systems however are looking for convenience and not true fidelity, and with much of today's music it is so over equalized and computer edited it doesn't matter anyways..

like i said though i almost bought a set of these, they do have something to them. =)

just my two cents..

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