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Guest crusty

After having owned both the Large Advent and Small Advent speakers, two pairs of each at various times, I will not argue that it was an outstanding product for its day. I was fortunate enough to have been able to purchase these speakers new in the early seventies and until the mid eighties used a double Smaller Advent system.

I have tried every combination of the double system one can imagine, tweeter to tweeter, woofer to tweeter, side by side one speaker on the floor the other 2 feet higher, just anything I could come up with. But, the positioning I preferred over all others and the one I always returned to to was two in front of me and two behind me, all about 18 to 24 inches off the floor and 1 foot away from the wall and away from room corners or intersecting walls. This positioning put the tweeters at ear level and eliminated most floor bounce in the bass. This positioning helped to minimize room resonant modes and gave a true rendering of the Advents bass capabilities which are its strong point. I remember that the four speakers, whether it was the Smaller Advent or the Larger Advent, had no difficulty in filling the room with clean sound in the above described positions.

Often times a review done by a reputable magazine can be more subjective then the opinion of someone who spent their hard earned dollars for something they only think performs as well as they hoped it would. So after digging through my collection of old audio equip. reviews and brochure I came across a copy of a review for the double Advent given out by the Advent dealers in the early seventies. The Absolute Sound magazine did honest and subjective reviews just as they do now. Whats even better is theres a manufacturers comment written by Andy Petite, product manager at Advent then, and later, founder of Boston Acoustics.

Please read and enjoy.post-101992-1261363816.jpgpost-101992-1261363900.jpg

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