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a/d/s/ M15 Tweeter Sensitivity?

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Hi, I currently own a pair of a/d/s/ M15 towers, a speaker I grew up listening to as a kid. From an audiophile standpoint, I believe that these speakers will have a much improved with a new high end tweeter. I found some 4 ohm tweeters on madisound that will work as good replacements. I would like to match the sensitivity of the ads tweeter to the new one, so no crossover modifications will need to be done. Right now it is between the 88db (1 watt) sensitive Scan Speak Illuminator or the 92 db sensitive sb acoustics SB29. Does anyone know the sensitivity of the M15 tweeter? Thanks for your help, -Keith

I also have ADS L730's, 300i, and 320i/s speakers :)

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