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Just joined the Allison crew... Did I do good????

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Hey guys....

I am happy to say that I just picked up my first pair of Allison speakers... And I must say.... I am IMPRESSED.... What are "bose"?????

So. I was lucky enough to find a pair of AL-115's online, local. So I started to research. The fact that I saw hardly anything online, and the only stuff I DID find, was all positive... So I went to pick them up not knowing 100% what they were.. I am an investor like that... If I see little to no documentation online(and the only documentation being positive) something tells me to buy... I am glad I did...

What I purchased was a rarer model(From what I can tell) They are Labeled AL-115'WAL... The label model is typed EXACTLY like that. I have also seen one reference to these being called the Kentucky Model.

The grilles are original and in IMMACULATE condition.. Even the little rubber tabs on the inside of the grilles are in tact and not dry-rot.. Both woofers are still glossy with the glaze and still sticky to the touch. The tweeters both SCREAM... I demo'd these on an old late 80's pioneer receiver, and I could almost taste the sound..... Yea.....

The cabinets are also in perfect shape. What is weird about these, is the fact that they are Walnut, and not the usual speckled black. Correction. The face of the speaker is speckled black. But the rest is a beautiful walnut wood.....

So I am asking... What do I have here, beside some of the best sounding speakers I have ever purchased.... Especially for matching serial numbers #4224 and for only paying $120.

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I was junt wanting some more history on these specific speakers... I have not seen any others like these.. Only Allisons I have seen were the speckeled black... And made somewhere else...

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Dude go to the home page of this website. Click on Library, click on allison, there will be an item that says allison 1983 and 1989; click on this it will give you brochure that describes all the allison AL series including the 115. Also, click on reviews. You'll see a Stereo Review Magazine Review of the Al 115 from 1994. Go to your library and see if they have the issue.

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