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AR162 spirit

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Hello I'm very new to this but I need help with my AR 162 speakers.

I recently purchased these & have refoamed the 6 drivers & they sound great, but on certain classical tracks the tweeter on one speaker plays up!! Other music if ok I can't find any crossover schematics as I'd like to redo them. Can any one help me please as I can't find anything on net?

Thanks Matt

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Hi Matt. Welcome to the CSP

Nice looking speakers, but a little newer than the "classic" ARs most of us are familiar with. If you Google "AR-162 speaker" you'll find some info on the Spirit lineup. No schematic that I've found but really all you have to do is look in the box and see what the caps are, then replace with the same values. Ask if you have any questions about recapping.

Apparently one thing that does go wrong with these is the ferrofluid in the tweeters dries up. Maybe that's your problem.


oh....just saw your thread on DIYAudio. Your foams did not come with dustcaps? Don't know about those UK suppliers! ;)

If you've already torn into those beasts to refoam all the woofers, finding the cap values should be easy for you. But let us know if you have questions.


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Hi Kent. Thank you I'll have to take one of the drivers out & get busy then haha

I was hoping I could get a diagram & build a pair of crossovers then just swap them so I'm not without music. :)

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Unfortunately no the kit didn't come with dustcaps & the 4 8" were damaged so cut them off & shimmed them. The 6.5" mids were slightly dented so managed to refoam them with out removing. :) I'm waiting for new dustcaps from AUS as they were cheaper than uk...

I actually enjoyed refoaming them & I think they sound far superior to my kef's.

I have been looking at various components & it looks like a complete crossover rebuild may be quite expensive :(

When funds allow I will need a hand with which brands might be best if you wouldn't mind. :)

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