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Hi, I was hoping to get the opinion some expert opnions. I've owned a set of Avid 105 speakers since the 1980's (when I purchased them at a moving sale). I really didn't know much about them, so in searching the web today I came across a few old posts in this forum which seem to indicate they might have been decent speakers. They still sound really nice and the only problems are costmetic wear to the enclosure. For reference, they are exactly the same speakers which I found shown on this page: http://stereonomono....l-105-1975.html. They've been used very little in the last decade and since they take up quite a bit of room, I was thinking of selling them.

Are these still considered to be decent/desirable speakers in today's age? Are they valuable enough to be worth money or are they better destined for a donation to Goodwill, etc.?

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Tough question. They are undoubtedly excellent speakers. OTOH, only speaker nuts like those on this forum will want them. The problem is they are too big to be accepted by many wives/significant others. Beautiful old behemoths often sell for under a hundred bucks. Too bad for the sellers but a huge bargain for lucky buyers. They remind me of the KLH Model Twelves I had for a few years. No one wanted them, then I found a guy who had the space for them and he loves them. But I had to practically give them away.

You might try listing them in the For Sale section here, and specify local pickup. You never know. A couple of years ago one member posted that he was specifically looking for 105s. So you and an Avid fan may get lucky.


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